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What You Need To Know About Everyday Bacteria

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY DAY BACTERIA You'RE GOING TO SPEND YOUR LIFE SURROUNDED BY BACTERIA MORE THAN ANY OTHER LIFE FORM. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES MORE, IN FACT. SOME ARE BENEFICIAL, SOME ARE DEADLY, AND FAR TOO MANY ARE PROBABLY CRAWLING ALL OVER YOUR TOILET, YOUR PHONE AND YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW. Total Bacteria One Trillion Light Years The highest concentrations of bacteria/square inch in the home will be in. Microbiologists estimate there are five million trillion trillion bacteria on earth. That's a 5 with 30 zeroes after it. If each bacteria were a penny, the stack would reach one trillion light years. Humans have identified less than 1% of them. "5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bacteria Worlide" # of Bacteria/Square Inch Toilet Seat 295 Kitchen Drain Kitchen Sponge 411 Toilet Flush Handle 83 Home Office Keyboard Bathtub Toilet Bowl Kitchen Sink 64 Garbage Can The average cell phone has 100 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat. There are 70,000 E.coli infections every year in the US. • Beef and fecal matter are two of the major sources. X 100 = Your toothbrush is a major host for E.coli. This bacteria can cause: • skin viruses • influenza • meningitis • MRSA, a staph infection resistant to penicillin. • The average toothbrush holds about 10,000,000 bacteria. • Your toothbrush may contain staphylococci, streptococcus and candida. 500 to 1000 species of bacteria currently call your stomach home. • The same number live on your skin. The average human hand houses 150 different kinds of bacteria. 25% of soap dispensers in public restrooms have been contaminated with fecal bacteria. Percentage of Contamination: • Women have 50% more bacteria on their hands than men, possibly due to men having more acidic skin. California ach Sand 91% Drink n Dispensers • Women have 400% more Enterobacteriales, the family of bacteria where you'll find salmonella and É.coli. 48% Sala d 39% • Hand washing has little effect on bacteria count. Not all bacteria are bad. Research has shown that bacteria in the mouth actually enhances the taste of some wines, vegetables and fruits. The 5 second rule which states that food is safe to eat as long as you pick it up off the ground within 5 seconds, is not true. • As tested on Mythbusters, Food Detectives and at the University of llinois, bacteria will stick to food immediately. Research has shown that a dog's mouth is not, in fact, cleaner than a human's. But it's not dirtier either. Neither is a cat's. There are 76 million cases of food poisoning per year: 2 per second. That leads to 5,000 deaths per year. 1.5 million cases and 10% of those deaths are caused by salmonella. Research has found reusable bags to be dirtier than plastic bags and may be contaminated with mould, yeast and fecal bacteria. http// webmdimain2976179.shtml http://www.cdc.govinczved divisionsidibmdidiseases/ ecoli_o157h7/index.html htlp/sciencenow.scencemag, hilp// 388236 Danger- humble- toothbrush.html health/770 j-d13_1184610841 http://www.accepta.comindustry_water_treatmentfood_poisoning_bacteria.asp index_ View.asp? code-164153 http://www.ctvtbc.ctv.calservietanlocal/CTVNews/ 20100202 bc olsen salad safety_100201/20100202? hub BritshColumbia http://www.foodpoisonjournal. com/201001/articles/food- poisoning - informationfecal - bacteria- in- fountain- soft- drinks synsnos jee822 http:/pubs.acs.orgidoiabs 10. 0,2933.451906,00.html http://seattletimes.nwsource. comhtmihealth/2010177562 salmonella01.html http:/ Five- second rule a- dogs - mouth- cleaner - than- a - humans- 0500/ tMood_poisoning'stats.htm 3.2 million 567,845 134,630 119,468 17,964

What You Need To Know About Everyday Bacteria

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You're going to spend your life surrounded by bacteria more than any other life form. Hundreds of thousands of times more, in fact. Some are beneficial, some are deadly, and far too many are probably ...


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