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What Would You Do With $1,095 Hours and $2,131?

What does Jason do with 1,095 Hours and $2,131? When Jason joined the Marines right out of high school, he was up to smoking 1 pack per day. The toughest part of boot camp was that he had to quit smoking for 13 weeks, but he did it. The night he graduated, he grabbed a drink with his buddies and bummed a cigarette. By the time he reported to School of Infantry, he noticed many of his unit leaders dipped throughout the day. Pretty soon, his whole day revolved around his tobacco use. This is a day in the life of Jason. Smokes 2 cigarettes upon waking up - 0:18:00 and -$0.54 OBad breath 0500 Brushes teeth - 0:02:00 O Dental hygiene Dips while running -$0.1 0530 Goes running OStains teeth O Better fitness Takes a shower -0:5:00 Smokes 3 cigarettes on the way to work -0:27:00 and -$0.81 OLoss of taste OFresh & clean 0630 Eats breakfast - 0:15:00 Dips at his desk 0700 O Food for fuel -$0.1 OMouth sores QUICK FACT: Tobacco use impairs Smokes 2 cigarettes during first break -0:18:00 and -$0.54 OCauses cough 0900 military readiness by reducing physical fitness, impairing visual acuity, and contributing to hearing loss Smokes 2 cigarettes before lunch 1130 - 0:18:00 and -$0.54 Eats lunch -0:45:00 O Fingers stained O Food for fuel Dips at his desk QUICK FACT: 1230 90% higher risk -$011 OSwollen gums of injuries among service members who smoke than non-smokers QUICK FACT: îmonth of base pay Smokes 2 cigarettes during a break 1400 is what smoking a pack a day costs junior enlisted per year -0:18:00 and-$0.54 O Increased stress Goes to the gym - 0:45:00 O Increase strength Dips during workout 1600 -$0.1 Loss of appetite Smokes 3 cigarettes on car ride home 1700 -0:27:00 and -$0.81 JO OClothes stink Eats Dinner Smokes 1 cigarette after dinner -0:50:00 O Food for Fuel 1850 -0:9:00 and-$0.27 ODry mouth Smokes 3 cigarettes while playing pool -0:27:00 and -$0.81 Reduced night vision 1930 Billiards with buds - 1:30:00 O Fun with friends QUICK FACT: 3 out of 4 Smokes 2 cigarettes before going to bed 2230 oral cancers occur in people who use alcohol or tobacco, or both alcohol and tobacco -0:18:00 and -$0.54 Easily winded Brushes teeth - 0:02:00 ODental hygiene HOW MUCH TIME AND MONEY JASON WASTES ON TOBACCO ALL YEAR 3 Hours and $5.84 1,095 Smoked 1 pack of Cigarettes • Dipped 4x ONE Hours Wasted YEAR 21 Hours and $40.88 Smoked 7 packs of Cigarettes • Dipped 28x $2,131 ONE 90 Hours and $175.20 Smoked 30 packs of Cigarettes Dipped 120x Dollars Wasted YEAR WHAT JASON COULD HAVE DONE WITH HIS TIME AND MONEY IN 1 DAY in 3 HRS he can. Learn to play/practice an instrument Train for a charity race/ Go on a first date/surprise exercise with friends his significant other with $5.84 he can. Start his day off right with a healthy breakfast Purchase a magazine/ paperback novel Buy a disposable camera to document his day WHAT JASON COULD HAVE DONE WITH HIS TIME AND MONEY IN 1 WEEK *) in 21 HRS he can. Marathon watch a TV show he loves Take a week long cooking, painting, or pottery class Compete in a local intramural sports league with $40.88 he can. Top off his gas tank and treat himself to a slushie Buy cheap tickets to his Purchase an annual fishing favorite sporting event or hunting license/tags WHAT JASON COULD HAVE DONE WITH HIS TIME AND MONEY IN 1 MONTH in 90 HRS he can. Take a road trip to visit old friends in a new city Go on a father/son camping, hunting, fishing trip 4 days, 40 bands - Go to a music festival with $175.20 he can. Ditch the flip-phone and buy Wash, wax, and detail the mobile he really wants Upgrade his wardrobe, his ride or customize it ripped jeans are dated WHAT JASON COULD HAVE DONE WITH HIS TIME AND MONEY IN 1 YEAR in 1,095 Hours he can.. Log 1,095 flight hours and he would be 75% done with his Commercial Pilot's License It takes 21 days to form 1 habit, with 45 days to spare, he's got enough time to form 2 new good habits Experts spend 10,000 hours perfecting their skills: discover his talent and he's 10% closer to becoming an expert with $2,131 he can.. Sell his old jalopy, combine his tobacco savings and have a solid down payment on a new car Take that dream vacation he's always wanted to, and bring a lucky someone along with him Let a college savings plan and the power of compound interest give his children a quality education What would you do with 1,095 Hours and $2,131? *☆ 62 QUIT TOBACCO. make everyone proud STATES OF DEFENS

What Would You Do With $1,095 Hours and $2,131?

shared by bmccall on Jun 27
Infographic design for World No Tobacco Day 2014. Facts and statistics reflect a fictional case study of a Marine that smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day and uses chewing tobacco 4x per day.


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