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What in the World is Endodontics?

What in the world is ENDODONTICS Have you ever experienced tooth pain when you've eaten something hot or cold? If yes, then you're already on your way to understanding what Endodontics is! So, what is it in simple terms? You might have heard someone mention having or needing a "root canal", which is – in fact – the endodontic procedure focused on the inner workings of a tooth, particularly the bit called the pulp. Within a tooth, there's something called pulp, which hoas blood vessels and nerves inside If your tooth gets infected with bacteria – through deep fillings, decay, cracks or trauma, that's when long-term damage and pain begins INFECTED PULP TISSUE INFLAMED PULP TISSUE Once that hoappens, your tooth will become incredibly sensitive, possibly start aching and potentially lead to an abscess formation Signs you have damaged tooth pulp! Sensitivity to Hot or Cold food Tenderness of the tooth Discolouration Gum Tenderness & Swelling What can an Endodontist do to fix it? Even though the pulp is necessary for the growth of teeth, once mature - your tooth can survive without it! An Endodontist will perform a root canal where they target that pulp inside the tooth, as well as the surrounding tissue at the pulp's root. Once complete, the tooth will return to health, and because it will be "nerveless" it will function normally again, but without pain! TUE MON SUN Dentist 8. 4 Better safe than sorry! Regular checkups can alert your dentist early of any changes to your teeth - tipping them off in advance that you might need Endodontic care! Remember, Endodontists are dentists whose aim is to save teeth, so if you're experiencing any pain – it's time you book in for a professional opinion! To learn more about root canals and Endodontics, head over to

What in the World is Endodontics?

shared by theadventurer on May 16
Have you ever experienced tooth discomfort when you've eaten something hot or cold? If yes, you may need to visit an endodontist. Find out more about root canal and endodontics in this infographic.


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