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What these doctors found might leave you shocked

Axess PRESENTS: The benefits ol usino a FRONT POCKET WALLET INFOGRAPHIC .... .... .... ...I 31) MILLION AMERICANS SUFFER FROM BACK PAIN AT ANY GIVEN TIME ACCORDING TO THE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION. A COMMON YET UNKNOWN CAUSE IS THE WALLET YOU CARRY IN YOUR BACK POCKET. "Having your wallet in your back pocket is as much a health concern as walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off would be. It creates an imbalance in your foundation whenever you're sitting". Dr. Frank J. Martusciello, the clinic director of Total Life Chiropractic THE AVERAGE AMERICAN SPENDS HOURS A DAY SITTING 6. AND MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THERE'S A FILING CABINET-SIZE WALLET IN THE POCKET WRECKING HAVOC TO YOUR SPINAL HEALTH SITTING ON THE WALLET CAUSES SCIATICA When you sit on your wallet, you tilt the pelvis, which throws off your alignment and pinches the sciatic nerve, causing searing back pain and numbness, a condition called Sciatica. The remedy can be as simple as moving your wallet to your front pocket, and it might save your back and reduce your chiropractic bills in the process. "Regardless of the circumstances, a wallet should never be placed in the back pocket". Dr Logan Brooke, Chiropractic Public Relations Chair for the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association PREVENTION METHODS: LIMIT SITTING TO 30 MINUTES DO GENTLE BACK STRETCHES AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL SWITCH TO A FRONT POCKET WALLET A SAFER WAY TO WALLET Avess AXESS front Wallets Are specifically designed for your Front Pocket. Each product is handmade by 100% genuine Italian leather. The products will seamleaslly slip into your front pocket where you won't notice it until you need it. Every AXESS wallet also has a pocket that blocks RFID signals to protect your credit cards from theft. Carrying your wallet in your front pocket will also protect you from pick pockets. Front Pocket Wallets COUNTRY OF SWEDEN A SAFER WAY TO WALLET - HANDMADE 100% GENUINE LEATHER wwW.AXESSWALLETS.COM TE Dencke Rest TH NEW YORK STATE Axess frens Awers Trant Whallets Thont Whllets Ghont allers Danske Bank Danske Bank Avess Agess Axess ard Crant Wolleta Front Pocket Ulallets COUNTRY OF SWEDEN FITS SEAMLESSLY IN YOUR FRONT POCKET 100% GENUINE LEATHER TTES

What these doctors found might leave you shocked

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This everyday item you spend your day sitting on are causing these surprising injuries!



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