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What Is Spoon Theory?

what is Spoon Theory? The Spoon Theory was created as a way for people with chronic illness to explain their experience to others. =ENERGY IN THE U.S. ALONE there are at least 112 MILLION people living with one or more CHRONIC ILLNESSES Despite this, there is still a lack of understanding towards sufferers. HOW IT WORKS When you have a chronic illness, you have a limited number of spoons for each day - and each task you complete costs a certain number of spoons. Once your spoons are gone, they're gone. Say you have 10 tasks to accomplish in a day – like showering, getting dressed, going to work, etc. – and only 10 spoons for that day. Some tasks may require more than one spoon, so some things won't get done. You could dip into your spoons for the next day, but then you'll have even fewer spoons tomorrow. The difference in being sick and being healthy is having to make choices. the rest of the world doesn't have to.!" - Christine Miserandino, spoon theory creator. AMIA SPOONIE? The theory has a following of people with a range of conditions who call themselves Spoonies. Conditions the Spoon Theory Applies to Include: * Lupus * Fibromyalgia * Depression * Anxiety * Chronic fatigue syndrome * Arthritis * Diabetes * Cancer * Chronic pain syndrome * Osteoporosis * Multiple sclerosis * COPD Show the Spoonies in Your Life You Care. Share to get the word out about chronic illness and end stigma against sufferers. Follow the discussion using #Spoonie #SpoonieProblems #SpoonieChat #SpoonieLife Resources I Il http://www.butyoudontlooksickcom/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ newlifeoutlook

What Is Spoon Theory?

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With the spoon theory, a typical “healthy” person has a high or unlimited amount of spoons (energy) and doesn’t have to worry about running out. However, those with chronic illness must pace the...


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