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What should parents do for the healthy development of their child

HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN kauvery hospital FOUNDATION FOR Growing children need a lot of nutrition for development of their bones and muscles. YOUR CHILD'S HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT. CHILD HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT The key to the healthy growth of a child is three-fold. 3 1 SLEEP NUTRITION EXERCISE •A growing child needs a minimum of 10 hours of sleep per day and sleep can affect children in the • Avoid processed food that has preservatives and food that has artificial sweeteners • Studies have shown that kids who are physically active have better brain development and have the ability to grasp things faster. following ways: • Sleep promotes growth: Growth hormone is secreted during sleep. So, adequate sleep is required for a healthy growth of children. • Milk- 1 glass, Yoghurt- 1 cup, Tofu- 1.5 ounces, Cheese-1-ounce, Frozen yoghurt and ice cream- 2 cups. These food items will give your child the adequate calcium required. • One hour of physical activity per day is essential for the healthy development of a child's bones. - It affects Weight: Evidence shows that, children who sleep for short hours tend to • The amount of calcium a person needs varies according to age, but on an average a child requires 1000 micro grams of calcium per day. • Children who exercise have stronger muscles and the have a leaner body, they are less likely to get fat and type two diabetes is prevented. Their mind is more active and they can learn faster. become overweight. • It fends off germs: During sleep, factors that promote immunity in the body are generated and sufficient sleep is required for the full immune • Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K will aid the regulation of calcium. Iry to make your kids eat foods that are rich in these system development. components. Take these initiatives to make your child's future a very bright one!

What should parents do for the healthy development of their child

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Sleep, Good Nutrition and Exercise are the Mantras for a healthy child.


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