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What should be in your first aid kit? | imperative training

WHAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR FIRST AID KIT? The contents of your first aid kit can vary depending on the nature and size of your workplace. High-hazardous workplaces such as construction will require different medical care to that of a low-hazardous workplace like an office. There is no definitive list of what your first aid kit must contain, and a formal risk assessment will determine what medical equipment your workplace requires. This should be kept in an easily accessible place, ideally near hand-washing facilities. Your first aid kit essentials FIRST AID First aid advice leaflet This document will offer general advice on first aid at work and give info to EMERGENCY MANUAL any members of staff who are unsure of the best action to take. Plasters There should be an assortment of individually wrapped sterile plasters in different sizes. It can also be a good idea to provide hypoallergenic plasters if possible. Bandages TRIANGULAR A variety of bandages should be kept in your first aid kit, including: BANDAGE • Sterile pads • Sterile wound dressings • Triangular bandages • Roller dressings Eye pads Sterile eye pads can be used to cover an eye injury until further medical attention can be sought. Safety pins Safety pins in different sizes are useful for fastening bandages and securing dressings. Medical tape Adhesive tape can be included to hold dressings in place and secure bandages. Disposable gloves Include at least one pair of disposable gloves in your first aid kit, and make sure used pairs are replaced right away. ANTISEPTIC WIPES Cleansing wipes Alcohol-free wipes should be securely sealed in individual packets to prevent contamination or the risk of infection. Scissors Scissors can be included to cut a bandage to the right length, in order to suit the size and nature of an injury. They can also be used to cut clothing and thereby enable access to a wound. First aid tips to remember: FIRST AIDER Appoint a member of staff to be responsible for first aid arrangements - which can include calling the emergency services when necessary. Make all of your staff aware of the first aid arangements and who is responsible, so that they are able to act quickly in an emergency. ACCIDENT BOOK FIRST AID KIT Make sure the first aid kit If you have 10 employees or is clearly marked and in an easy-to-find location. more you will need to keep a statutory accident book. Tablets and medicines are not required in a first aid kit, and they should not be kept alongside medical supplies. Sources how-to-use-your-first-aid-kit.aspx imperative training • online • supplies

What should be in your first aid kit? | imperative training

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A first aid kit should be readily available if someone suffers an accident, whether this is at home, work, school or any public setting. In many cases, this is a legal requirement. The Health and S...


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