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What is PTSD?

WHAT IS PTSD? POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER IS A TYPE OF ANXIETY DISORDER DEVELOPED BY EXPOSURE TO EXTREME PSYCHOLOGICAL SITUATIONS. IT HAS ALSO BEEN KNOWN AS: TRAUMATIC WAR NEUROSIS RAILWAY SPINE STRESS SYNDROME SHELL SHOCK BATTLE FATIGUE INTERESTING FACTS During a given year, about 5.2 Million adults suffer from PTSD. 10 MILLION OUT OF THE 2/10 . POPULATION DIAGNOSED WITH PTSD: Are Men 1/10 Are Women OUT OF THE 70% 48% 26% 26% THAT SUFFER PTSD: Suffer PTSD and Depression Suffer PTSD Suffer Depression WHAT TRAUMATIC TRAUMATIC EVENT? IS A OUT OF A 100% POPULATION, 70% SUFFER FROM PTSD AFTER A TRAUMATIC EVENT WITNESSING PHYSICAL DEATH OR INJURY CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE COMBAT SEXUAL ASSAULT ACCIDENTS NATURAL DISASTER ASSAULT INTERESTING FACTS 30% 10% 20% About 30% of About 10% of Gulf War veterans About 20% of veterans of the Vietnam veterans Iraq and Afganistan wars experience PTSD. experience PTSD. experience PTSD. 17% 71% Of female military personnel develop PTSD Of combat troops 300,000 U.S. Soldiers would return from Iraq and Afganistan suffering from PTSD and 2 out of 3 Veterans are women. due to sexual assault within the ranks. that suffer PTSD stay untreated. WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS OF PTSD? Numbnes Guilt Anger Bad Memory Hopelessness Self-Destruction Nightmares No Focus Shame Insomnia Hallucinations Flashbacks Violence Substance Abuse Irritability PHYSICAL SIGNS: INTERESTING FACTS Headaches One of the first descriptions of PTSD was made in 490 BC when Herodotus described an Athenian Soldier going blind after witnessing the death of a fellow soldier. Agitation 300 400 Dizziness The events of September 11, 2001 caused one or more symptoms of PTSD as proved by the 44% adults surveyed who affirmed they experienced them. 1200 1300 1400 Increased Chest Pain 44% Fainting 2000 2100 WHATPTSD? CAUSES TOP 4 REASONS MEN AND WOMEN SUFFER PTSD: 1 Rape 1 Rape 2 Combat exposure 2 Sexual molestation 3 Childhood neglect 3 Physical attack 4 Childhood physical abuse 4 Being threatened with a weapon CAUSES THAT LEAD TO PTSD: DOMESTIC ABUSE OR INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE ASSAULT PRISON STAY RAPE TERRORISM WAR ACTIVITIES THAT MIGHT LEAD TO PTSD: NATURAL DISASTERS CIVILIANS IN THE MIDST OF WAR CRASH ASSAULT HOWIS PTSDTREATED? There is no specific medication for Counseling and psychotherapy often provided by a social worker are the most PTSD but psychotropic drugs have been shown to reduce symptoms. common treatments. SOURCES: PRESENTED BY: • • • • PCH Psychological Care & Healing Treatment Center

What is PTSD?

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Did you know that 17% of combat troops are women and of that 17%, 71% develop PTSD due to sexual assault within the ranks? PTSD is a type of an anxiety disorder that can be treated, however many stay ...


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