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What People Eat

WHAT PEOPLE EAT FROM 500 TO 50000 CALORIES PER DAY 200 Cat 5:2 dieter on fast days 500- 700 Anorexia nervosa patient Refugee in UN camp 850 Madonna when she is on a diet 800 in Eastern Chad Large dog 1000 Recommended minimum for women on a diet Weight loss camp diet 1200 Toddler (around 2 years old) 1500 Taekwondo fighter loosing weight to reach weight category Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp diet Average person 1590 in Eritrea 1600 Factory worker in Cambodia 1700 Standard UN refugee ration 1800 Recommended minimum for men on a diet 2000 1900 Calorie restrictor 2000 Recommended for women age 19.30 2400 Recommended for men age 19-30 2600 30 bananas a 2700 day frutarian Rob Rhinehart testing Soylent 3000 -3400 Elite marathon runner NASA astronaut 3500- 3770 Average person in United States 4000 Spanish Bullfighter 4200 -4500 Medieval aristocrat US soldier in Irag 4750 5000 Batman training for the cape Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me 5000 Medieval monk 5500 Arnold Schwarzenegger while bodybuilding Daveon Hill, teen bodybuilding chiamp Hugi Jackman training Roman soldier Dean Karnazess, 6000 for The Wolverine 6000 ultrarunner Bengal tiger 6500 -7000 Average Christmas Day consumption in the UK 7000 Tour de France cyclist Emma Dalton, 8000 8000 professional eater -8500 Robert F. Scott, Antarctic explorer Lolo Jones, olympic 9000 hurdler/bobsledder 0006= Byamba Ulambayar, Sumo wrestling champion 10000 10000 10000 Climber on Mount Everest -11000 Elvis in his final days 11000 Miciael Phelps, 12000 Olympic swimmer 12000 15000 Robert Oberst, American strongman 20000 Horse 20000 20000 25000 Susanne Eman, Vorld biggest bride 30000 30000 E35000 39000 Casey Viator, calories reguired during the Colorado Experiment E40000 45000 Asian Elephant 50000 50000 References: diet-meal-plans-what-to-eat-for-500-calorie-fast-days keeps.madonna.younghtml acsm/media-room/acsm-in-the-news/2011/08/01/metabolism-is-modifiable-with-the-right lifestyle-changes 2164045/What-Olympicathletes REALLY-eat Apparently-lots-red-meat-fruits-rich-desserts.html right-lifestyle-changes calories/calories/emptycalories-amount.html (drink) nutrition-articles/what-does-the-diet-of-an-elite-marathon-runnerlooklike/ http://www.nasagov/pdf/172352main.Have Food WillLTravel.pdf Ages/food-in-the-middle-ages.html iraqfatio.html Me workout-routines champ-eats-5000-3191572 Ages/food-in-the-middleages.html plan-fitness-6000-calories-the-rock-dwayne-johnson.n3719544.html calories-does-a-tiger-or-lion-need-to-eat-on-an-average-daily-basis average Brit consumes-whopping7000-calories-Christmas-day-recommended-daily-allowance-reached-2pm.html still-size eight 2439771/Lolo-Jones-eats-9-000-calories-day-including4-McDonalds-bacon-cheeseburgers.html sport/want see-current-world-sumo-wrestling champion-eats-130244686.html strongman-diet/story-fno6li58-1227102368138 calories-a-day-to-become-the-worlds-biggest-bride.html bodyis like 90-percent-water-or-something/ (ELSIDEN

What People Eat

shared by madsphi on Dec 04
See how many calories 49 interesting people eat - it goes all the way from 500 to 39,000 calories per day!


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