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What is NLP?

have your cake and eat it too! What does NLPmean? neuro to do with the brain and the other neurological systems in the body. It is about how you process information and experience the world. linguistic Language. But NLP is not just about language, it is also obout processing information, by using our five senses, gut instinct and intuition programming NLP won't "progromme" you, don't worry. It gives tools for you to replace negative behaviours with something that's more in ine with who you are. A very brief history.. blah blah blah. Bandler was interested in why some therapists were more effective than others, and transcribed sessions conducted by two leading therapists in his segrch for clues as to what made them so successful. NLP formally began in California in the 197Os and was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Grinder helped Bandler analyse these transcripts by using his expertise in linguistics. Between them, they spotted a specific set of patterns, and as a result NLP as we now know it was born. analysis. How can it help? The uses of NLP are far-reaching, but some practical examples of its uses are: words Resolving anxiety and negative feelings Improving your skills in public speaking and presentations Overcoming phobias Changing health-damaging habits and behaviours Developing management and leadership skills Conflict resolution Learning rapid stress releasing techniques Listening effectively and creating 'rapport' and empathy Building, maintaining and motivating teams winner O revision. notes. Creating healthy relationships Setting and meeting performance goals Identifying people's natural learning styles What kind of techniques does NLP use? Amongst the many techniques involved in NLP are: mapping anchoring breathing exercises An exercise using spatial anchoring to imagine and access useful states in order to respond to difficult situations. The act of attaching a sensory trigger to a state. eye accessing cues Establishing inner calm through breathing. Noticing the direction in which someone is looking, and learning from that what they are thinking. meta model meta mirror pacing & ieading A tool for spotting and challenging certain types of limited thinking. it uses set questions to challenge these limitations and free up the client's aworeness of themselves and the Part of the skill in creating rapport lies in doing this slowly. 'Pacing involves following the other person in some way, for example by matching and mirroring. Once rapport has been established, one can then begin to lead: getting the other person to follow you in An NLP exercise using perceptual positions and spatial anchoring to deal with tricky relationships. the disney process A creativity process, modelled on Walt Disney by Robert Dits. It involves working with possibities around them three states: dreamer, realist and critic. some way. Misuse and Negativity of NLP NLP hos not been without its critics. It has been associated with exploitative on-stoge hypnosis shows and dodgy selling techniques. However, the vast majority of NLP has always been, and continues to be, used in a caring, positive way by individuals keen to improve their own lives and the lives of others around them. (X) So what now? Here at NLP School we encourage those who are new to NLP to be sceptical about it and to approach it with a healthy degree of cynicism. Do your own independent research and be sure to keep an open mind wherever you can. NLP videos are a great resource to help you easily absorb the mountains of information that is out there. We've only really scraped the surface so far, so if you have specific questions or are thinking about taking an entry level NLP course to learn the basics then get in touch with us today for some free advice on taking the next step. brought to you by.. nlp school the art of change design by

What is NLP?

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NLP is a set of tools for personal change and development which offers powerful ways to create goals, reach them faster and with greater ease, resolve work or personal issues, reduce stress or accompa...


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