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What Is Health Coaching

НEALTH COACHING THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY WHAT IS HEALTH COACHING? Worksites use health coaches as part of a wellness program to help employees improve heath and lower heath care costs. Coaches act as health counselors visiting with employees over multiple sessions via: Face to Face Video Conference Telephonic DOES IT WORK? 92% THE PUBLISHED SCIENCE CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION. The number of worksite that offer wellness An exhaustive review of all published health coaching research papers was conducted."- programst 159 Research studies were evaluated 127 studies were excluded because they weren't data-based, were focused on disease management, or did not evaluate health behaviors or risks. studies were 32 included in the review GOOD 14 Showed improved UGLY O Evaluated impact of coaching on health BAD 18 Showed health behaviors or no effect health risks care costs Good Coaching can Increase fruit/veggie consumption Decrease body fat #1 Reason Employers Use Health Coaching: to reduce health care Bad coaching: DOESN'T WORK costs. There are no studies Increase exercise showing this can happ WHAT DO WE LEARN FROM GOOD (vs) BAD COACH THE READY Good health coaching Not every employee has health risks, and not every employee is willing to meet with a programs target those who have poor health AND want help improving their health. health coach. FOR EVERY 100 EMPLOYEES5 74% II İ 15% TIİ 2-7.5% İİ of high risk employees are willing to have a coach of high risk employees actually work with a coach have elevated health risks ΜΑΚE THE HEALTHY CHOICE EASY COACH UPSTREAM Help employees create a healthy environment at work and home. By changing the enviroment, it is easier to be healthy. Coaching those with chronic disease is difficult. Greater success comes when chronic diseases are prevented. Coaching that encourages healthy lifestyles will have greater impact. DOSE MATTERS 6. Coaching sessions appears best, spread out over - 15 weeks with a follow-up 6. MIN session at 6 months JUST ONE PIECE Health coaching is just one small piece of a much larger worksite wellness effort. WellSteps. SOURCES: 1. Hill B, Richardson B, Skouteris H. Do We Know How to Design Effective Health Coaching Interventions: A Systematic Review of the State of the Literature. Am J Health Promot. 2014 Apr 10. 2. Newnham-Kanas C, Gorczynski P, Morrow D, Irwin JD.Annotated bibliography of life coaching and health research. Int J Evid Based Coaching Mentor. 2009;7(1):39-103. 3. Olsen JM1, Nesbitt BJ. Health coaching to improve healthy lifestyle behaviors: an integrative review. Am J Health Promot. 2010 Sep-Oct;25(1):e1-e12. 4. 5. 2014.ppt

What Is Health Coaching

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What is Health Coaching What do we learn from Coach the ready


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