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What The Health?

Dr. Obama Huh? Health Care Reform Terminology Explained: Catastrophic Coverage: It is designed to help people pay for major accidents and extensive medical care. Doughnut Hole: is the difference of the initial and the COstrophic coverage threshold Exchange: a marketplace that will offer affordable high-quality health insurance options 100 100 Insurance can not deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions or impose unfair caps on premiums, young adults allowed til 26 100 WHAT THE HEALTH? 80% of premiums to be spent on medical services, 50% discount on brand drugs Cost: 350 billion THE WHO, WHAT, WHEN AND HUH OF THE NEW HEALTH CARE REFORM. Taxpyers earn more N than 200,000 annually and 250,000 per family will have their excise taxes increased New tax credits for employers of 25 or less employees to + purchase insurance. By 2017, affordable open market insurance. You may now be eligible for Medicare. If you earned less + than 80,000 'in 2009 you will be eligible for subsidies to buy your own insurance. Everyone needs to have insurance, buy into an exchange or exemption or face a monetary penalty Employ 50 or more people and you are forced to provide health care for all employees or face a severe penalty. Insurance will still be a strain - on the budget, but you must buy it. Unless the cheapest plan is more than 8% your income. Big companies will need to provide healthcare to all + employees. Previous insurance plans will be granfathered and new plans will cap premiums. Free preventative care under + Medicare. Pay less into your prescription drug plan, especially if you have reached the doughnut hole. If you earn more than 85,000 you will pay more for your Part B premiums, and your co-payments will go up until 2019. Prescription drug gap closed. Premiums may continue unless you qualify for exchanges or subsidies. You also may be stuck with the plan your boss chooses. rise Now you can piggyback your + parents insurance plan til 26! You will pay less for traditional benefits packages. However, the new benefits packages may cost more than what you are paying now, and you must be insured unless you qualify for an exemption. + No annual or life time limits, limitations on out of pocket expenses and you can't be turned away for your preexist- ing condition. Really, no downside. Except that you must have insurance. 47 million 36% of Americans did currently uninsured not get insurance due to a pre-existing condition Source US Census Bureau Congressional Congresoce TIME 04/O5/2010 Patient Protectbion and 2010 2011 2013 2014 2020 insurers ...... pre-existing conditions elderly ***........ O low-income ........ A small buisness owners D company worker young adults

What The Health?

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The who, what, when, and huh of the new health care reform.




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