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What Happens to Your Body 60 Minutes After a Sugar Binge (Candy Variant)

What Happens To Your Body 60 Minutes After A Sugar Binge? 0-15mins 30-45mins Unsurprisingly, the first part of the body to feel Blood pressure levels are now raised. the punishing effects is the teeth and gums. n&n's Sugar mixes with latent bacteria in saliva to Increased dopamine levels in the brain have form an acid, which attacks the tooth enamel. resulted in a sugar high, which is either in full-flow, or beginning to subside. Next comes the crash. 15-30mins After passing through the stomach, this sugar Skyrocketing insulin and hormone levels have then hits the small intestine, where it is broken caused blood sugar to significantly drop. This is down and taken up into the bloodstream. where feelings of tiredness, irritability and maybe even a headache sets in. The pancreas then kicks into action, releasing insulin in an effort to convert as much of this as In response, these hormones attempt to restore it can into energy. This energy is then distribut- ed to muscle cells around the body. delicious Skidaddles blood sugar normality by squeezing what they can from the liver. CHOCK However, because there is such a high influx of What's more, at some point over the past half an sugars now swimming around in the blood, not all of it can be converted into energy. hour, sugar sitting and expanding in the digestive system then escaping quickly has GCHOCO CO CHOCO caused stomach pain and possibly even some Whatever is left over is sent to the liver, and flatulence. converted into and later stored as fat. Around this time, this sharp increase in sugars is interpreted by the adrenal system as the body 45-60mins undergoing considerable stress. Cortisol and Hormonal chaos has disrupted phagocytic cell HOCO epinephrine are then released, which causes the function. In short, this means that the immune heart rate to accelerate and makes the body system isn't working at it's best and the body is sweat. now more prone to infection from harmful bacteria than it was one hour ago. The immune system will regain full strength, but not immediately. It may take up to five hours for it to properly recover. +®

What Happens to Your Body 60 Minutes After a Sugar Binge (Candy Variant)

shared by drwayne on Jan 10
Dr Wayne Osborne of explains the effects that take place in the body one hour after consuming 100g or more of sugar in one sitting.


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