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What to Expect from Your Pregnancy

What to Expect from Your Pregnancy Pregnancy Milestones 1st Trimester Baby starts to move around week 8 The embryo grows to about the size of a peach Baby starts to form muscles, white blood cells, and vocal cords You'll have a routine ultrasound to screen baby's health You may experience morning sickness, mood swings, or food aversions 2nd Trimester Baby's senses of smell taste, sight, and hearing start to kick in Newly formed arms and legs may start to kick you around week 21 eyes will start to open lowards the end of the 2nd trimester Baby will weigh about 2 pounds at the end of the 2nd trimester The You'll be showing more while feeling less queasy and more energetic 3rd Trimester Both you and baby will growa lot during the 3rd trimester At week 31, baby will see light and dark, taste what you eat and hear you talk Baby turns around into a head-down, bollom-up position By the end of your pregnancy, baby may be 6-9 pounds and 19-22 inches long You'll feel baby move around a lot, and go into labor around week 40 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Avoid caffeine and artificial colors Eat nutritious, well- balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegelables Don't drink alcohol Drink plenty of wałer Don't smoke or use tobacco, and avoid secondhand smoke Stay active and exercise or walk at least 15-20 minules per day Zz Ask your doctor about taking a prenatal vitamin Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night Sources: http://wwwwhalloexpectcom/hrst-trmesler-ofpregnancyarpy http://www.whaltoexpectcom/second-trimester-of pregnancyarpy hllp://www.whalloevpeclcom/lhird-trimester-of pregnancyaspY hltp:// http://www.webmdcom/baby/guide/prenalal-vilamıns Provided by: KENDALL REGIONAL Medical Center Quality Care. Done Right.

What to Expect from Your Pregnancy

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By week 31 of a pregnancy, a baby can see light and dark, taste what the mother eats, and hear when she talks. The mother can also feel a lot of movement during this trimester. Learn more about the di...


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