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What To Expect When You Are Expecting

WHAT TO EXPECT, WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING? BROUGHT TO YOU BY EASYFINANCE.COM It's common knowledge that a baby comes with a huge price tag and it shouldn't come as a surprise that pregnancy also costs. Quite a lot. $80 Each year, the U.S. spends over billion ON CHILDBIRTH. THIS IS MORE THAN ANY OTHER NATION IN THE WORLD. MATERNITY CARE IS THE LARGEST SOURCE OF INCOME FOR AMERICAN HOSPITALS. TOTAL AVERAGE Labor and Delivery Costs in 2011* PAYMENTS FOR CESAREAN BIRTH $14,374 $9,280 AVERAGE PHYSICIAN TOTAL AVERAGE PAYMENTS FOR PAYMENTS FOR CESAREAN BIRTH VAGINAL BIRTH $3,390 $4,086 AVERAGE PHYSICIAN PAYMENTS FOR VAGINAL BIRTH * Average Maternity Services Payments (uninsured patients) FOR PATIENTS WITH INSURANCE, out-of-pocket costs usually range from under $500 to $3,000 or more, DEPENDING ON THE PLAN. Baby hospital bill TYPICALLY RANGES FROM to $4,000, $1,500 FOR a healthy baby DELIVERED AT TERM. Homebirth HOMEBIRTH MIDWIVES CHARGE A Moderate fee of $1,500 to $2000, DEPENDING ON THE State yoU live in, WHILE A DOULA CHARGES $200 to $600 DEPENDING ON THE SERVICES. Prenatal Visits CAN COST BETWEEN $100 and $150 PER VISIT WITHOUT INSURANCE. PEOPLE WHO HAVE INSURANCE WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY A cO-PAY for each visit, usually $15 to $30. Prenatal Vitamins HEALTHY EATING IS NOT ENOUGH, IN ORDER TO GET ENOUGH VITAMINS AND MINERALS YOU HAVE TO TAKE PRENATAL VITAMINS, WHICH CAN COST ABOUT $5 to S25 per month. Maternity clothing MATERNITY CLOTHING USUALLY COSTS MORE THAN REGULAR CLOTHING. Expect to pay about $50 to $100 per outfit. Maternity Leave THE UNITED STATES REMAINS ONE OF THREE COUNTRIES THAT PROVIDE NO TYPE OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO MOTHERS, SO YOU SHOULD EXPECT to lose between 3 to 6 month's salary. Maternity leaves around the world: ALBANIA 52 WEEKS SWEDEN 60 WEEKS AUSTRALIA 18 WEEKS .... .... .. AUSTRIA 16 WEEKS BELGIUM 15 WEEKS •.... ..... Where Does • the Extra Weight Go? You SHOULD EXPECT TO gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Uterus Baby increase 8 POUNDS 2-5 POUNDS OUT OF 35 pounds Placenta 2-3 POUNDS Fat stores Amniotic fluid for delivery and breastfeeding 2-3 POUNDS 5-9 POUNDS Breast tissue 2-3 POUNDS Blood supply 4 POUNDS Baby size chart: How big is your baby? BLUEBERRY 12 PLUM 15 ORANGE 19 MANGO 23 GRAPEFRUIT 26 CABBAGE WEEK 31 PINEAPPLE 35 COCONUT 40 WATERMELON Top pregnancy cravings Salty snacks 33% Sweets 40% Spicy food 17% Citrus fruits, green apples and other lip-puckering tart or sour foods 10% Pregnancy is a time of great expectations and hope infused with anxiety. Unfortunately, it is also a time of spending and planning even more spending. THE END Brought to you by Guide to Consumer Financial Products Sources HTTP://www.IFHP.COM/DOCUMENTS/2011iFHPPRICEREPORTGRAPHS_FINALL.PDF HTTP://CHILDREN.COSTHELPER.COM/BABY-DELIVERY.HTML HTTP://www.EHOW.COM/ABOUT_5434061_AVERAGE-COST- PREGNANCY.HTML#IXZZ1YTEUIXBX HTTP://www.EHOW.COM/ABOUT_5304362_MUCH-COST-GIVE- • BIRTH.HTML#IXZZ1YTUSOQ8D HTTP://www.REUTERS.COM/ARTICLE/2011/02/23/uS-USA-MATERNITY- IDUSTRE71M62P20110223 HTTP://www.EHOW.COM/ABOUT_5434061_AVERAGE-COST- PREGNANCY.HTML#IXZZ1YTEUIXBX HTTP://www.WEBMD.BOOTS.COM/PREGNANCY/FEATURES/TOP-10- PREGNANCY-CRAVINGS?PAGE=2 / HTTP://www.EPIGEE.ORG/PREGNANT_DIET.HTML • HTTP://PREGNANT.THEBUMP.COM/PREGNANCY/PREGNANCY- TOOLS/ARTICLES/HOW-BIG-IS-BABY.ASPX HTTP://www.WEBMD.COM/BABY/GUIDE/HEALTHY-WEIGHT-GAIN HTTP://www.HUFFINGTONPOST.CA/2012/05/22/MATERNITY-LEAVES- AROUND-THE-WORLD_N_1536120.HTML © 2012

What To Expect When You Are Expecting

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Nowadays people are becoming increasingly aware of the prevalent economic crisis. Sensible financial planning has therefore become an indispensable element of our lives. As a consequence, many people ...


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