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What Every Long Term Care Insurance Policy Should Have

TOP Features your ULTCI should have Inflation protection :2 Company reputation 2013 Leading Insurance Companies Long-Term Care Long-Term Care Rates Semi-private nursing home Home health aide Moody's Investors Service Adult day health careI Private nursing home Aa2 Massachusetts Mutual A1 John Hancock 90000 A1 Mutual of Omaha A1 Transamerica Life Insurance 72000- A2 Genworth Life Ins Co. A2 Prudential Insurance Co. 54000- AA+ Massachusetts Mutual 36000 AA John Hancock AA- Prudential Insurance Co. 18000- AA- Transamerica Life Insurance A+ Mutual of Omaha A2 Genworth Life Ins Co. 2011 2012 Standard & Poor's Year Home health care benefit and options 4 Shared care rider with Tisurance received care tor longer than one year 41.2%, 7.5M at home 1.1M 1.5M 78% Percentage of rate added to the base premium when there is Shared Care Rider assisted-living facilities in nursing homes 5 $50-$500 Monthly benefit limit instead of daily Care coordinator services Daily benefit amount of most long term care insurance policies Goal facilitation Nursing homes and assisted living - same daily charges Care Home care - charges could vary per day management Restorative packages of care InterRAI assessment tools Monthly benefit - higher monthly benefit, less likely to increase premiums 14 15 16 17 Referral management 18 25 Cash benefit 7 Zero day elimination period 8. Benefits 35% 36% Home health care maximum monthly benefit that you culd receive Elimination Period Restrictions Average percentage of people who get zero day elimination period for home care in 2004 NO No elimination period - you could get cash immediately when you become eligible 4 5 18 19 20 21 22 3 u 25 26 27 28 29 30 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 9. Pool of money for maximized Comprehensive coverage for all levels of care 10 coverage Home Health Aide Assisted Living Facility Coverage period Stated Period Semi-Private Nursing Home 5 years Pool of Money Private Nursing Home Resources htp: /! htps:/www.genworth.comidamikmericasUSFOFsConsumeritorporate/130588_032213 Cost20o20Care_Final_nonsecure pdf htp:/ https:longtermcare geneorh.combomweb/consumenydtstong.term_careCost 01_Care_Survey pdf hmp 3.amazonaws. comtanran storape/www patapagen17 Brought to you by http e-Survey-original pdf ACSIA http:Awww.aateiorghong-term-care-inauranceleaming-cantericompany-atngs php tp:/www.bankrate.comfinancehewslong-term-care-insurance-ingoo-know ampa http:/www.hardingharding comforma/2OPana20Ae20Not20thes20Same pat pwww.genaphe http:/ anp htps:/ html LTC Long Term Care, Inc. Global .com/dam/Americas/uSPOFsConsumeritorporate/toc http Awww.nursemaude org nakare coordnation For more information about long term care insurance, visit: 2013 6002 3 years 8007 Rates 3 years 29.7% without insurance 29. 7% es han one yea Monthly

What Every Long Term Care Insurance Policy Should Have

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Experts recommend to include these ten features in every long term care insurance policy.


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