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What to Eat Before and After Your Workouts

WHAT TO EAT BEFORE & AFTER A WORKOUT svelte PRE-WORKOUT CENERGY PHASE) While it is true that exercising on an empty stomach will allow you to burn fat stores during your workout, it does not actually translate to a reduction in body fat. When you are burning fat during exercise, inevitably, you are working out at a lower intensity and burning fewer calories per minute. Eating a pre-workout meal or snack will give you energy, stamina, and help blast through your fat stores and build muscle. PRE-WORKOUT OPTIONS 1 Eal a nuRIIonaLLY BALANCED MeaL OR 1-2 HOURS BEFORE TRAINING Eal a snack 60-90 MINUTES BLFORE TRAINING If you want to BURN 600 CALORIES, aim for 300-calorie meal Aim for 100-200 calories and a combination of lean protein and slow acting carbs EXAMPLES EXAMPLES Svelte look ing good. YOCURT emch wanilla HEARTY SALAD LETTUCE WRAPS FRUIT & YOGURT SVELTE PROTEIN SHAKE NUT BUTT COTTAG SVELTE BANANA SVELTE SMOOTHIE PEANUT BUTTER FRUIT & CHAI SEED & APPLE COTTAGE CHEESE CUSTARD BANANA & ALMONDS VEGGIE OMLET POST-WORKOUT CANABOLIC PHASE) It is important to refuel and recover with meals that combine the right balance of protein and carbohydrates post workout. For best results, eat within 30-60 minutes after exercise when your muscles are most receptive. This will ensure your body has the fuel it needs to recover, adapt, and improve. POST-WORKOUT OPTIONS 2. OR snack immeDiateLY m al IMmEDiateLY FOLLOWING a WORKOUT FOLLOWING a WORKOUT EXAMPLES EXAMPLES svelte hello beauti ful. KEFIR SVELTE KEFIR QUINOA & SALMON BLACK BEAN & PROTEIN SHAKE RICE SOUP DRIED FRUITS BANANA TOFU STIR FRY SWEET POTATO & NUTS & BROWN RICE & CHICKEN DON'T FORGET TO HYDRATE! A well-hydrated athlete will feel stronger, can workout longer, and have a more effective training session. 8 OZ 8 OZ 8 OZ 8 OZ 8 OZ 1-2 HOURS 15 MINUTES DURING 30 MINUTES BEFORE BEFORE WORKOUT POST SOURCES

What to Eat Before and After Your Workouts

shared by drinksvelte on Aug 26
It is important to fuel yourself with the right foods pre/post workout to restore and maximize your efforts. Learn what you should be eating here!


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