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What are your sleeping habits?

What are your sleeping habits? Many people sleep in strange positions or have certain habits when it comes to turning in at night. For some, it's a habit they just can't kick. For others, it's a ritual that helps them sleep. From The Starfish, to The Bowling Ball, which habit can you identify yourself or your partner with? Z. The Starfish The Gadget Freak Adopting the position of a starfish, you try and cover as much of the bed space as possible. You can usually be found fast asleep with numerous gadgets around you on the bed and the television blaring. The Hogger The Insomniac Forgetting your partner also needs the duvet, you grab as much as you can, along with any pillows you can find. Sleep was never your friend. Starring into darkness is a not so welcome occurrence. woof woof woof The Food Junkie The Zombie Unable to resist a midnight snack, you often find yourself falling asleep mid-bite. 'Dead' to the world. It's rare that anything would ever wake you. snore snoooorrreee The Bowling Ball The Crash Lander How, when and where you fall asleep on Opting to try and take up as little space as possible on the bed, in a bid to keep as warm as possible. your bed is not a concern for you. The Pet Lover The Fortress Keeper Pets are a regular sight within your bed, adding extra comfort and warmth. Shutting yourself from the outside world, you build a fort so you are not disturbed. Hotel Contract Beds 0/HotelContractBeds y @HotelMattress 20 20

What are your sleeping habits?

shared by Aptitude on Nov 18
For many of us, sleeping is something we wish we could get more of. Modern day life can be quite hectic at times, which naturally can increases our stress levels. This can play a big part in the way w...


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