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What are the Advantages of Chicago IVF's Frozen Egg Program?

What Are the Advantages of Chicago IVF's Frozen Egg Program? The Egg Freezing Program Egg freezing offers families new hope in their efforts to conceive How Does Egg Freezing Work? The number of births from frozen eggs is growing rapidly, from just 1,000 births a few years ago to over 5,000 babies as of 2014. 1) The ovaries are injected with hormones to stimulate egg production 2) When enough eggs are produced, they are harvested under anesthésia 80% of frozen eggs survive. 3) The eggs are immediately cryogenically frozen 70% of frozen eggs can be fertilized successfully in IVF treatment. What Are The Egg Freezing Options? Donate Your Eggs: For younger women who want to donate their eggs for others. Receive Donor Eggs: Those with certain medical conditions may consider receiving donor eggs. B Preserve Your Eggs For The Future (Fertility Preservation): For younger women who aren't ready to have a child due to career or personal concerns, or women who are expecting to take certain medications in future that could cause fertility issues. How Do They Work? Donating Your Eggs 1. Donating eggs is an extremely selfless endeavor. 2. Ovaries are stimulated with hormone injections. The eggs are then harvested under anesthesia and immediately cryogenically frozen. Receiving Donor Eggs The Chicago IVF Egg Freezing Program is a partnership with My Egg Bank and offers several advantages. 1. Six guaranteed eggs 2. Lower total cost than fresh stimulated donor cycle 3. Immediate transfer 4. Better matching through pre-existing egg profiles Preserving Your Eggs for the Future 1. The fertility preservation process begins with the same hormone- injection process as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Once the eggs are retrieved and mature, they are prepared for the vitrification (freezing) process and instantaneously exposed to Liquid Nitrogen at an extremely low temperature (-320.8°F). 2. This process allows our patients to bank their eggs and prolong their fertility to a time that makes the most sense for them. 3. Women who are interested in this new and exciting way to control their fertility are encouraged to contact us today to learn more. CHICAGO IVF"

What are the Advantages of Chicago IVF's Frozen Egg Program?

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Egg freezing is another option for families that offers them new hope in their efforts to conceive. Learn about the Frozen Egg Program offered at Chicago IVF.




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