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Weird Ways to catch STI

Weird Ways TO CATCH AN STI Which other nooks and crannies can STIS lurk in...? TANNING BEDS HERPES Hot temperatures kill many VIRUS bacteria, this includes when chilling HUMAN in the hot tub. Unfortunately this PAPILLOMAVIRUS (HPV) does not apply to tanning beds. HPV (genital warts) is a possibility here, as breakouts can appear anywhere on the body and transfer to the bed. BEARDS It isn't just a crusty roll and overpriced HERPES VIRUS pizza slice that'll be washed out of the face fuzz. Whilst this is rare, parasitic infections such as pubic lice (crabs), scabies and herpes can be caught in beards, particularly following oral sex with an PUBIC LICE infected person. (CRABS) SCABIES KISSING HERPES Herpes is for life and not just for VIRUS Christmas, and that includes oral herpes and genital herpes. So if your potential smooching partner has blisters or a cut around the mouth or genitals, run! Or politely decline...whichever works for you. Especially if you're someone with a lip-chewing habit. DRY HUMPING Certain STIS can be contracted HUMAN through skin-to-skin contact, not just oral or penetrative sex. Rubbing PAPILLOMAVIRUS (HPV) lumps and bumps can lead to genital warts, crabs and even genital herpes (yep, herpes again). In fact, quite a few viral infections can be passed through dry humping, and HERPES VIRUS some bacterial ones also. MOLLOSCUM CONTAGIOSUM SYPHILIS RAZORS Ever borrowed your boyfriend's, HERPES VIRUS girlfriend's or even your housemate's razor? Don't. Shaving often leads to nicked skin, leaving you potentially vulnerable to infection from a dirty razor, including an STI if your razor-buddy happens to be carrying one. HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS (HPV) Shaving your pubic area may also increase your likelihood of contracting an STI sex through irritated or broken skin. TOWELS Erm, why are you sharing towels? Well, that's besides the point... PUBIC LICE (CRABS) SCABIES Trichomoniasis is an infection that can live outside the body for up to 45 minutes and is a tenacious parasite, particularly thriving in damp moist conditions (Hi Towel!) so keep it clean and use your own. MOLLOSCUM TRICHOMONIASIS CONTAGIOSUM WAXING Waxing?? Say it ain't so. It is unlikely that you'd contract an STI through HERPES VIRUS waxing, however there are some simple tricks to avoid any MOLLOSCUM complications. CONTAGIOSUM This includes not sharing your wax with others and postponing a waxing session if your skin is irritated or broken. SOURCES"

Weird Ways to catch STI

shared by sounas on Jan 17
A series of facts about weird ways a person can get STI without realizing it.


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