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Weight of the Union 2013

WEIGHT OF THE UNION PRESCRIPTION PATIENT: LUnited States STATUS: Dbese and Unhealtny DOB: uly 4 1776 DATE: Fabruary 13,2013 William Mayo once said, the greatest asset of a nation is the health of its people. So, what happens when a nation loses its health? And how can we reclaim it? DIAGNOSIS We have a behavior problem. We're eating too much, exercising too little, and dying too soon. Change is needed to save millions of lives and billions of dollars. CURRENT HEALTH STATUS 68% 86% 25% of American population is overweight or obese of the American workforce is overweight, obese, or has a chronic health conidition Gallup of Americans don't exercise at all. CDC CDC WEALTHY AND UNHEALTHY SWEQEN RUSSIA NETHERLANDS UNITED KINGDOM GERMANY SWITZERLAND FRANCE UNITED STATES SPAIN- ITALY MPAN ISRAEL CHINA INDIA top 10 wealthiest countries SINGAPORE top 10 healthiest countries wealthy and healthy BRAZIL sources: UN, Bloomberg AUSTRAILIA Dead last U.S. Wealth Rank: U.S. Health Rank: among peer countries. 231 %233 WE SPEND MORE ON HEALTH CARE, YET REMAIN UNHEALTHY Total Health Expenditure by GDP United States 17.9% France 11.9% Germany | 11.6% United Kingdom 9.6% Italy 9.5% Japan | 9.5% that's a lousy ROI Brazil | 9% Russia | 5.1% China | 5.1% India 4.1% The World Bank NOT MAKING THE GRADE The U.S. Compared to the 5 Healthiest Countries Daily Caloric Intake Obesity Rate Universal Health Care Health Score Singapore 90 n/a 10% yes Italy 89 3,660 10% yes Australia 88 3,190 24% yes eat less. weigh less. Japan 86 2,810 4% yes Netherlands 84 3,240 10% yes United States 66 3,770 30% not yet Bloomberg FAO OECD WHO OBESITY COSTS US Obesity and obesity-related illnesses contribute to rising health care costs, a less productive workforce, and an unfit military. OUR ECONOMY SUFFERS $147 BILLION annual direct medical costs from obesity. CDC $1,850 additional annual health care expenses for the obese. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine $153 BILLION annual productivity loss to businesses from obese or overweight employees. Gallup POTENTIAL GAINS If we reallocated the $147 billion in medical loss, that would be enough to buy: FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND 1.6 MILLION 35 BILLION Full college scholarships Newly built homes Healthy meals that's five meals for every person on earth BUT IT COSTS US MORE THAN MONEY NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT Obesity is the #1 MEDICAL reason new recruits are rejected for army. 27% 9 MILLION 17-24 yr olds of all adults young "too fat to fight" $1 BILLION The rise in obesity among the civilian population “may pose significant problems for national defense." -Grover Yamane Aerospace & Preventive Medicine, USAF Spent each year on obesity-related medical care for active duty military. Mission Readiness TREATMENT PLAN Increase incentives that encourage physical activity, promote simple behavior changes, and consolidate state-level efforts to curb the U.S. obesity epidemic. MONEY CHANGES BEHAVIOR Fitness Incentives $0 %3D 3 Four times No incentives average gym visits/month more likely to go to the gym! S20 %3D 12 Paid $20 (per month) to workout average gym visits/month $5 MILLION Anytime Fitness members saved with fitness reimbursements in 2012. PROGRAMS FOR A HEALTHIER AMERICA From state-based legislative initiatives to national coalitions, consolidated anti-obesity efforts are underway! Coalition that advocates: fit. (a) the elimination of tax penalties for small businesses that pay for gym memberships for their employees. (b) allowing individuals and families to use their health care spending accounts Initiative dedicated to solving the obesity problem within a generation MOVEL by increasing physical activity and improving access to healthy foods. LET'S AMERICA'S MOVE TO RAISE A HEALTHIER GENERATION OF KIDS to pay for gym memberships. Movement concerned with Initiative calling for all health care providers to assess and review every patient's physical activity program at every visit. Your Prescription for Health ExeRcisei is Medicine FARM TABLE producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. A GOOD FOOD MOVEMENT STOP OVERCOMENTEGIESTOOBESITY ALLIANCE Coalition working to change how people perceive and approach the problem of obesity. Initiative that empowers families with the skills and knowledge to prepare healthy and affordable SHARE OUR STRENGTH'S COOKING MATTERS meals. RECOMMENDATIONS Introduce state-based legislation nationwide to incentivize healthy lifestyle choices, using FitMN as a model. Encourage medical practitioners to prescribe exercise as medicine. Recruit food and beverage brands to make and market healthier products. Reinstate fitness and nurition as a priority in schools: healthier food options, nutritional counseling, and mandatory physical education. Increase access to locally grown food in restaurants and supermarkets. BROUGHT TO YOU BY ANYTIME FITNESS. SOURCES 1. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 2. Gallup, 2011. 3. CDC “U.S. Physical Activity Statistics: Summary of Physical Activity, 2008." 4. UN 5. Bloomberg, 2012. 6. The World Bank, 2012. 7. Bloomberg, 2012. 8. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) statistics/FoodConsumptionNutrients_en.xls 9. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2012. 6. 10. World Health Organization (WHO) 11. CDC 12. Moriarty JP, Branda ME, Olsen KD, et al. The effects of incremental costs of smoking and obesity on health care costs among adults: a 7-year longitudinal study. J Occup Environ Med. 2012;54(3):286-91. 13. Mission Readiness Report. Programs: | | | | | Icon graphics from The Noun Project: Dog Tags designed by Simon Child, Money designed by Alex Berkowitz, Food Icon designed by Sergey Shmidt

Weight of the Union 2013

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The third annual report examines the macro- implications of obesity on the nations health.


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