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Weight of the Union

WEIGHT OF THE UNION A CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH A new barometer for measuring our country's progress has emerged - one that holds the mirror up to the body of the nation. For the second year in a row, Anytime Fitness examines the fitness and nutritional habits of its 1.3 million members and the nation at large. WE'RE OBESE OBESITY GROWS A recent study at Harvard projects that the obesity rate won't plateau until it reaches 40%. PERCENT OF OBESE IN US ADULTS 20-24% 21% 25-29% 34% > 30% BEING FAT IS EXPENSIVE We spend billions on diets and weight loss but 2/3 of the population are still overweight or obese. $26 BILLION $2.4 BILLION $1 in every $6 projected health care costs attributed to obesity by 2030 spent on weight loss in 2011 spent on diet food products $147 BILLION $60 BILLION $1,500 saved if the obesity rate more spent on health care per year for obese adults health care costs attributable to overweight or obesity were under 30% WE JUST GET BIGGER AND BIGGER We have had some serious issues with growth. Obesity grew 4% from 1999 to 2010! 34% 32% 33% 30% 23% 14% 15% 13% 1960 1970 1977 1988 1999 2003 2006 2010 TIME AFTER TIME BEHAVIORS HAVE CHANGED Compared to generations past, our behaviors have become toxic. We eat and drink more than ever. 90% OF Portion sizes are 2-5 times bigger. DIABETES We eat 31% more calories today. CASES ARE We eat 15 more pounds of sugar per year. TYPE 2. 8- to 18 year-olds spend 7.5 hours with TV, internet, and video games per day. TYPE 2 DIABETES IS THE ONLY PREVENTABLE FORM. ANYTIMME FITNESS. MAKES A DIFFERENCE MARCH MADNESS March is the busiest month for Anytime Fitness with 5,000,000 visits, followed closely by none other than January! March January May August November LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION Anytime Fitness has 1,830 clubs located all over the globe. Reciprocity rocks. 41 1578 125 BOYS VS. GIRLS While men have more check-ins at Anytime Fitness, look out for the women! This year promises to be closer than ever, with women already moving up 1%. 53% 46% IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND In 2011, there were 1,000,000 more visits to Anytime Fitness than the previous year. FIFTY-T WO MILLION TOTAL WORKOUTS IN 2011. At any given second*, someone is walking into an Anytime Fitness! *31,446,925 seconds in a year ANYTIME HEALTH Losing weight isn't easy, but Anytime Health makes it easier to accomplish your goals by helping you track your progress. 13,000 4,430 443,545,120 200,000 310,000 Mobile App Downloads Questions Asked Total Calories Burned Pounds Lost Workouts Tracked OUR MEMBERS SAVE BIG $$$ Anytime Fitness partners with Healthy Contributions to make sure members get reimbursed for working out! dollars saved by Anytime $4,000,000 Fitness members via insurance reimbursement ! Up $1,000,000 from 2010! LET'S FIX THIS TIME SPENT How do you choose to spend your time? Do you eat more than you exercise? Other 95% of people don't engage in vigorous physical activity on any given day. Entertainment MA Exercise Eating Only 10% of Americans eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables and fruits. Work 1 in 6 Americans binge drink. That is an estimated 38 million American adults. And most drinks range from 100-350 calories. Sleep 10,080 minutes in week. Spend just 1% of those minutes being active to improve health. PREVENTATIVE MEASURES Multiple government initiatives have popped up to try to decrease this pandemic for future generations. T'S *** LET'S MOVEL BaM! SIDENT Body and Mind PROGRAM WHAT YOU CAN D0 TO BETTER Eating the right diet, getting out and being physically active, and sleeping 8 hours will help you become a healthier person. GG Get at least 30 min. of physical activity 4-5 days a week. Track and share your time spent in the gym. Figure out how much water you need daily: weight (lbs) / 2 = Ozs needed Stay positive. Try making exercise a game! Eat 2 cups of fruit and 2.5-3 cups of vegetables, daily. Change it up! Try working out in the morning. Kanytime Sources:,,,,,, choosemyplate. gov,, milkeninstitute. org,,, healthystates.,, ANYTIME LFITNESS healthy contributions Wellness. Rewarded. Scan to receive a FREE 7-Day pass to Anytime Fitness CHALLENOE

Weight of the Union

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For the second year in a row, Anytime Fitness measures the fitness and nutritional habits of the nation at large.


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