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Weight loss motivation advice

Weight loss motivation advice from people who did it You Can Do It Too Motivation Determination Achivements Benefits Advice Jennifer Jennifer Josie "My biggest achievement is my weight loss blog. I get emails from countless people "My motivation to lose weight was the desire to start a family and have a baby. I knew that would not be easy weighing at least 100 pounds overweight. I was also sick and tired of being sick and tired." “Make small simple changes to create a good foundation, then begin to add more changes slowly telling me I have been instrumental in their weight loss success. You can't put a to build on that foundation." "... price on motivating others to live a healthier lifestyle. My blog has opened doors I never thought possible. I am reaching others through my success keep on pressing forward anyhow." "Stay committed to your goals and work hard" "Drastically reducing or eliminating soda, sugary food and fast food from your diet will help you reach you goals faster. Counting calories will also help. And be sure to get movement in and failures and that is every day!" amazing!" Jennifer Jennifer "The determination came "Losing weight has changed my from my own desire to live a healthy life. After being successful, I knew I couldn't ENTIRE life. I used to come home and take naps on the couch. Now, I exercise four times a week at least and will be running my second half marathon tomorrow. let myself go back to the way it used to be. I am still not at goal but I know I will get there one day." I have energy that I never used to have. I am able to play with children and run around. I am active all day long. I am a coach for a national organization, Girls on the Run. I no longer have high blood pressure. My cholesterol is in the normal range and I am happier than I have ever been." Cari De La Cruz cenI hated how I looked and was tired of being absent from every photo ever taken, at any event, of any signifi- cance. I was tired of feeling like people were pointing a gun at me when they simply wanted to "shoot" my picture. I was tired of seeing an old, unfamiliar woman staring back at me from mirror. I was tired of feeling like a non-person." Cari De La Cruz "I am NOT diabetic, do NOT have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and am NOT stopped by an aching back or knees. Perhaps more than that, I feel 25 years younger than I felt when I was 25 years younger, and (for the first time in my life), my (dreaded) BMI is in the normal range." Roni Noone "Since my approach changed there was no more going off track. My motivation was to focus on habits more than hitting on certain number on the scale" Cari De La Cruz Surround yourself by people who make healthy choices and support your decision to be well. If you find someone who is doing what you want to do, ask them how they did it, so you can do it too!" "Make “healthy weight man- agement" your goal, rather than the number on a scale or on your clothing." "Smile. Share your story of recovery with others." Josie Cari De La Cruz "I started having trouble running and playing outside with my kids, and that both- ered me. I was getting out of breath too fast. Then, I saw a picture of myself and thought, "This is NOT me". It was that day that I started "Tve ridden my bike 35 miles (yes, all in one day!). I can run (a little). I can go to parties and other social events without feeling anx- ious. I can climb stairs, even when there is an elevator or an escalator. I no longer think about my weight every moment of the day." my healthy lifestyle journey and never looked back." Josie Cari De La Cruz "T'd be a liar if I told you I didn't want to look good. Don't we all? This is espe- "I was READY to commit to changing absolutely EVERY- THING about my life. I was ready to think differently, but more importantly, I understood my value and my ability." cially rewarding to me after having 4 children. It's great to have my body back. I'm also stronger and more confi- dent. Sharing my journey with others through my blog has also been very reward- ing. It's afforded me the opportunity to inspire others and encourage them on their own journeys." Roni Noone "My motivation was my son. After he was born I set my sites on healthy and bal- anced instead of skinny and it made all the difference." Josie "My biggest achievement came through the disciplines I developed along the way. I've been able to apply these disciplines to other areas of my life (personal, work, family, etc) which has helped me to be more success- ful on those fronts as well." Jennifer "If you are thinking of start- ing a healthy lifestyle jour- ney, my advice to you would be JUSŤ DO IT. Just start. You will amaze yourself with WHAT you can do if you will just start and commit to follow through for 3 months. If it is not working after 3 months, try a different method. You can do this!" Josie "At first it was all about losing weight to look good physically, but in time, as I continued to eat healthy and stay consistent with exercise, I loved it way it made me feel. I had so much more Roni Noone "Losing the weight was a byproduct of living a more active and full like. I'm hap- pier now not because I fit in a energy, was generally a happier person, and also felt more comfortable in my certain size jeans but because I'm doing things and experi- encing things I would have shied away from before because I was ashamed of my body." clothes. Also, I knew I needed to be healthy for my family." Rosie Young " If you like to eat a lot all the time of all foods, then you need to ramp up your exer- cise. Something's gotta give. It's like the repair shop sign my uncles used to display: "Repairs can be fast, cheap, or good--pick any two." "You are losing weight for YOURSELF" Roni Noone "Running a marathon in 2009. I would have never dreamed running a mile was a possible yet I crossed the finish line of my first mara- thon just over a year of after beginning to run." Special thanks goes to: Roni Noone Roni Noone, a mother, a wife and a blogger talks about her weight loss story and how she maintains her weight at Jennifer Jennifer from Atlanta, Georgia lost over 10o pounds. She writes about her journey and gives healthy life- style advices at Rosie Young Rosie Young - As an adult my weight has fluctuated between 114 and 364 pounds; currently I weigh 280. I write about the harsh realities of being overweight and the difficulties of weight loss under the pseudonym Cari De La Cruz Cari De La Cruz is a gastric bypass patient who happily maintains a weight loss of half her original body weight. She loves to share about her amazing Bariatric After LifeT because she knows "you can't keep it if you don't give it away." - Rose Young so I don't have to hold back. Read my story at Losing weight is hard but you don't have to do it alone. These blog- gers have lost weight using a variety of methods -- diet, exercise, weight loss surgery and more. They continuously share their stories with the world in to inspire others. Josie Josie is a mom to four kids. Her body weight went down from 185 pounds to 147 with dedication to healthy living and fitness exercises. More of her story at L.A. Bariatrics Marina Del Rey Hospital

Weight loss motivation advice

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Marina Weight Loss, the surgical weight loss clinic at Marina Del Rey Hospital, released their latest infographic to serve as a source of inspiration for people embarking on a weight loss journey or s...


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