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Wedding Surgery: How Are Brides Preparing for Their Big Day

WEDDING SURGERY: HOW ARE BRIDES PREPARING FOR THEIR BIG DAY What's the most important thing on a woman's wedding day? The makeup, the dress, the food, the wedding invitations? Not really - it's their looks they care about the most, and they're sparing no expense to look impeccable on their biggest day. In 2014, plastic surgery for extreme bridal makeover is on the rise again. The Prenuptial Makeover According to recent data, 1 in 3 brides 11% 4 in 10 grooms Among them 11% of women and 9% of men had already undergone want to undergo some kind of plastic surgery procedure to look their best on their wedding day. surgical work at the moment of the survey. Saying "I Do"... to Plastic Surgery Men and women have different reasons to resort to the knife before their wedding. 64% said they are getting surgical work done because they want to feel better about themselves and more Most women confessed they are getting aesthetic surgery because they want to look good for their picture. confident in their looks. 6 in 10 men confessed they choose to alter their looks just to please their partner. Not Afraid of the Heavy Artillery 50 Fearless in their quest of looking perfect on their big day, some brides are prepared to go a long way in altering their looks. The most requested invasive cosmetic procedures in 2012 were nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and facelifts. 50% 40 48% 42% 30 20 10 Rhinoplasty Blepharoplasty Facelift The increase in pre-wedding surgical treatments requested by individuals under 25 years of age in 2012 was 28%. No Knife for Me, Please! BOTOX Hyaluronic Acid Chemical Peels Not all wives-to-be are ready for major interventions. 88% A lot of women are only looking to have a couple of wrinkles and deep lines smoothed out, so they resort 75% to minimally-invasive procedures such as Botox and microdermabrasion. 25% "Advances in techniques, reduced recovery times and a growing number of non-invasive anti-aging options make plastic surgery more and more appealing to first-time brides looking for a quick fix prior to their big day." Old Is the New Young You thought that maybe older brides would embrace the aging process and wear their grayer, more wrinkled selves with pride? Not really. Turns out, 50 is the new 30, and cosmetic surgery is the fastest method to reverse the hands of time without changing who they really are. Among women ages 45-60, Their biggest aesthetic concerns - and the reason why they resorted to cosmetic surgery - were: have tried skin 72% peels had injections and derma fillers 50% 39% 33% 28% had cosmetic facial surgery 15% Sagging cheeks and eye bags "Turkey neck" effect Wrinkles Sources: Brought to you by CONFETTI.CO.UK IDEAL AAFPRS.ORG FACE&BODY PLASTICSURGERY.COM DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Wedding Surgery: How Are Brides Preparing for Their Big Day

shared by david.faltz on Apr 09
What’s the most important thing on a woman’s wedding day? The makeup, the dress, the food, the wedding invitations? Not really – it’s their looks they care about the most, and they’re sparin...


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