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We Love Sleep

WE LOVE SLEEP People don't realize justhow much sleep they aren't getting, take a lo ok andsee what you're missing OBESITY RISK OF CANCER Going to bed too late doubles the nsk of breast cancer Lase 14. 3ba per year by leeping 1 hour more each day instead of watching TV MORE SLEEP - 200% RISK LESS SLEEP = -14.3lbs PER YEAR VS. 33 minutes awake per night 25 minutes awake per night Women have it tougher They spend 32% more time awake at night than men. ZQ (S leep Quality) With Age Its worse with age ZQ decreases over our adult lives (ZQIS based on to tal sleep, Deep sleep, REM sleep, and time awake ) AGL WHY SLEEP? < A single night of sleep can more than double our ability to come up with novel solutions to difficult probleme PROBLEM SOLVING Sleep deprivabion reduces our abilty to ermpathize -so sleep more and be abetter person! EMPATHY Longer sleep is associated with higher SMARTER KIDS IQ in children 1 in 3 weomen re port being too sle epy for TOO SLEEPY FOR SEX? sex - s0 GET MORE! CONCLUSICON Sleep more and you'll get more sex, be leaner, and be in a better mood for the whole year. Your kids will be smarter and less noisy. You'll get a promotion at work. Your mother-in-law will stop calling. You'll develop super powers. They'll make a movie about you. And your autobiography will become a bestseller that stops golbal warming. We swear.

We Love Sleep

shared by Deksia on May 13
This is a mock-up of a possible infographic on sleep and the necessity of a good nights sleep..




sleep night


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