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Ways to lose weight

WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT LOw carbs diet Bariatric surgery Sugar Busters Stilman diet Running Cycling Pescatarian Aerobics Flexitarian Walking Lacto-ovo vegetarian Football Vegan Raw food Big loser diet Basketball Rollerblading Low fat diet Low calorie diet Low carbs diệt carbs should be restricted or limited Atkins diet Zone diet Paleolithic diet Sugar Busters Stillman diet Carbs source should be vegetables and salad. Later add Diet includes lean meat, What will you eat? Each meal must have Foods is ranked according to glycemic index (how rapidly they increase blood sugar concentration). Lower glycemic index is better The diet includes lean protein, small portions of carbs found in rice, bread, fruits juice are allowed, Fat source - olive oil, fish oil, nuts, avocado organ meats, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, herbs and spices. Large amount of nutrient-dense food and fiber rich foods as water carbs source Reduces blood sugar, rapid weight loss due to cut out of carbs, gluten Quick weight loss Simple to follow, high in Rapid weight loss, fiber and phytonutrients, does not require reduces blood sugar Pros No foods are forbidden, frequent meals allowed counting free Not recommended for whose with impaired kidney function Expensive, highly restrictive, risk of calcium deficiency Slow weight loss, not recommended for Cons Rigid calorie restriction Highly restrictive in choosing foods as well as preparing it, Reduced bone density due to low calcium intake, constipation people with kidney disease, highly restrictive Vegetarian diet focus an vegetables and fruits Pescatarian Flexitarian Lacto-ovo vegetarian Vegan Raw food What will you eat? A person does not eat any meat with the exception of fish A person does not eliminate meat A person eats dairy products A person consumes only plant foods A person consumes uncooked and unprocessed plant foods completely Rich in unsaturated fat contributes in raising HDL cholesterol and Improved blood lipid concentration, heart function, lower cancer risk, increased life expectancy Lowers blood cholesterol, blood Lowers body mass, blood pressure and cancer risk, reduces risk of type |l diabetes, renal disease, dementia Pros Eggs provide with protein which is 100% pressure, increases antioxidants, lowers cancer risk rich in amino acids helps prevent heart disease Consumption of large amount of egg yolk is linked to types I|| diabetes, salmonella infection, antibiotic Fewer diet choices, risk of consuming large Only small amount of lean turkey, chicken breast is allowed Not advised for people with diabetes or Reduced bone density, protein insufficiency, increased anemia risk Cons osteoporosis, problems while dining out, vitamin due to iron and vitamin deficiency amount of toxins such as mercury B12 deficiency resistance Low calorie diệt daily calorie intake 1000-1500 kcal Big loser diet Weight watchers LEARN diet Cookie diet Body for life 4 servings of vegetables The higher fiber content and fruits, 3 of low fat dairy, 2 of whole grains, 1 extra (any food equivalent to 200 kcal) Low in fat, high in carbohydrates. Complex of diet and exercises. A person is encouraged Meal should consist of one protein and fiber, proteins and other carbohydrate portions. Eat vegetables and fruits at least 2 a day. What will and the lower fat content, the larger portions of that food to eat cookies made of you eat? ingredients person can eat Reduction of blood lipid concentration, no food groups are forbidden Long-term weight loss, can be self-taught Rapid weight loss, Simple to personalize, 1 free day , i.e. no food restrictions on that day. Pros Helps to prevent or reverse diabetes, various types of cancer, dementia and Rapid weight loss, improved health (heart function, blood sugar and lipid Alzheimer's disease. concentrations) Might be too expensive, dietary recommendations are You will have to pay for meetings, weekly weigh-ins may be discouraging, there is no set diet plan Slow weight loss, requires commitment You might feel hunger, not recommended for people with kidney disease Cons Muscle loss, hard to follow up for a long time, expensive too low Low fat diet daily intake of fats should be below 20-35% Ornish diet TLC diet Macrobiotic diet Eat various bean, vegetables, fruits and grains. Low fat dairy products in moderation. Avoid 6-11 servings of bread, cereals and rice, 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Choose fish and lean chicken over red meat, low fat dairy What will The main menu includes grains, vegetables and soup, small amounts fish, nuts, seeds and you eat? meat and oil fruits Pros Provides with more food per Reduced risk of heart disease and calorie than other diets, emphasizes exercise and stress reduction Easy to follow, reduces blood cholesterol and other lipids, reduced risk of heart disease cancer, helps to balance female hormones and prevent premenstrual syndrom Cons It is not designed for losing You might feel hungry, highly Difficult to follow for a long time, iron, zinc, vitB12 deficiency, less suitable for eating out weight, but for lowering cholesterol levels, does not include support system restrictive, iron, zinc, viB12 deficiency, not suitable for children and pregnant women CALORIES BURNED IN 1 HOUR A person who weighs from 73 to 91 kilograms burns Running Walking Cycling Dancing < 10 mph, 3.5 mph 314 - 391 5 mph 219 - 273 606 - 755 292 - 364 Football Basketball Aerobics Rollerblading 584 - 728 584 - 728 533 - 664 548 - 683 BARIATRIC SURGERY designed for people for whom diet and exerdise have falled Gastric balloon Gastric sleeve Gastric bypass Gastric band Main principle A nonsurgical procedure during which a silicone sack is placed in the The stomach is reduced by about 70%, stomach takes a shape of a sleeve A small pouch is formed from the upper part of the stomach A surgeon places a band around the upper part of your stomach to create a small stomach pouch to hold food What will For the first week after the surgery a patient consumes only liquids, after 2 weeks - pureed food. A person is recommended to eat limited amount of food, avoid fried food and sugar. After gastric bypass a person has to take vitamins. you eat? Results 40% of excess weight 30% - 60% of excess 65 % - 80% of excess weight 40 % to 50 % of excess weight weight Digestive tract is not changed, no risk of malnutrition, no dumping syndrome Reversible surgery, least invasive, fast recovery Pros Gastric volume will be Reduction of cholesterol minimized without reconstruction of levels and sugar in blood, most researched surgery gastrointestinal tract. Cons It is temporal procedure, Lowest weight loss compared to other bariatric surgeries, need for constant band adjustment, risk of band slippage Insufficient nutrition, risk of dumping syndrome May need revision surgery balloon is removed within 6 months. Brought to you by gastric surgery clinic SOURCES Vegetarian diet lajp supy Gastric bypass Paleolithic diet Gastric balloon Gastric sleeve Gastric band Weight watchers Body for life Macrobiotic o TLC diet Physical exercise

Ways to lose weight

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The infographic serves as a guiding point for everyone who is eager to lose weight and manage a healthy lifestyle. The research explores the most common diets such as Paleolitic diet, Zone diet, Atkin...




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