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Water Purifier Buyer Guide: The Definite Guide

WATER PURIFIER BUYING GUIDE 6 Key Things To Consider Before Buying 1 WATER SOURCE Depending on the source of your household drinking water, you a choose the right type of water purifiers. For municipality water UF?Gravity based purifiers are good beacuse of low TDS. 2 RO ONLY OR RO+UV If your drinking water is coming from a source which has a very high TDS generaly above 500ppm then you must consider buying RO+UV water purifier. Else only RO water purifiers are excellent for most of the water types. 3 COST If you're goin for UV or Gravity based water purifiers then the cost is very low but for higher end models like RO the price starts from Rs 7k in India. 4 STORAGE If there is frequent power cuts or disruption in water supply then you should consider buying water purifier with more storage. 5 AMC Generally for typical RO+UV+TDS controller water purifiers the amc is around 4000-5000 per year. FOr other models it's well below than this. 6 TDS CONTROLLER This is a very good feature to have in your RO water purifers as TDS controls the taste of water. You can set the TDS according to your desirable taste. Source:

Water Purifier Buyer Guide: The Definite Guide

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Look for a suitable water purifier for home? But you don't know which one to buy? Well, check out this water purifier buyer guide to purchase the right product for your home without spending much. Th...


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