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Valiant Vaccines vs Microbe Meanies: 50 Years of Vaccine Progress

VALIANT VACCINES VERSUS MICROBE MEANIES A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FIGHT TO SAVE LIVES 3 MILLION LIVES SAVED WORLDWHDE EACH YEAR BY VACCINES 1TO 3 MILLION WANTED 2$ 42 BILLION LINVES COULD BE SAVED ANNUALLY DOLLARS SAVED ANNUALLY USA with a malaria vaccine, which would also prevent 500 million cases of the disease annually [estimated]. Today, every dollar spent on vaccination saves $18.40 in medical costs and lost productivity- a total of $42 billion in the U.S. alone. MALARIA IN THE FUTURE we expect to have vaccines for today's most devastating Infections, including AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis- and for chronic diseases like A potential HIV/AIDS vaccine is in a stage III trial. The National Cancer Institute funds research into 15 different cancer vaccines. PATH intends to introduce Parkinson's, cancer, and diabetes. Future vaccines may modify DNA to prevent disease. a malaria vaccine by 2025. -THE FUTURE– 1.5 MILLION CHILDREN DIE 99% 50,000 ANNUALLY WA Through vaccination, polio has been eliminated in all but three countries: from vaccine preventable diseases worldwide, making up half of the lives that could have been saved through vaccination. Influenza, hepatitis B, and pneumococcal deaths could be prevented by vaccines each year in the U.S.-more than car crashes, Diseases are still a real concern; in 2012 there was a whooping cough epidemic in Washington State. of U.S. children have received at least one vaccine. Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan. breast cancer, AIDS. -THE PRESENT- "The two public health interventions that 2005 2006 2006 2006 have had the greatest impact on the world's health are clean water Pertussis booster for adults approved. Shingles vaccine introduced. HPV vaccine Rotavirus vaccine approved. approved. and vaccines." -2000s- -World Health Organization 1995 1995 Chickenpox vaccine introduced. Hepatitis A vaccine approved. -1990s– 1980 1985 1986 Smallpox eliminated from the world. i Hepatitis B vaccine introduced. Hib vaccine approved. -1980s- WANTED 1979 1978 1972 Meningitis vaccine approved. Routine smallpox vaccination Last case of polio in the U.S. ended in the U.S. SMALLPOX -1970s- In 1980, through vaccination, smallpox was eliminated worldwide-one of the deadliest diseases in human history, claiming Vaccines save lives, but it's not just death that matters: 1963 1967 1969 sickness and disability are 300 to 500 million lives. also consequences of Measles vaccine Mumps vaccine approved. Rubella vaccine approved. disease, so vaccines can approved. The U.S. began vaccinating for smallpox in the early 1800s. keep people working, active, and caring for their families -1960s- and communities. 1950 INFLUENZA POLIO SMALLPOX RABIES DIPHTHERIA Vaccines protected against all kinds of nasty diseases. PERTUSSIS TETANUS CHOLERA TUBERCULOSIS -1950s- Note: This timeline focused on vaccines introduced in the U.S. only and we recognize that not all vaccine milestones are included. SOURCES VAX PROTECTING CHILDREN AGANST HIEVENTABLE DISEASE Immunization Action Coalition of Washington withinReach ERADICATED

Valiant Vaccines vs Microbe Meanies: 50 Years of Vaccine Progress

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair, we took a global view of the epic battle between diseases and vaccines over the past five decades. Focusing not only on past vaccine ...


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