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Vaccine Exemptions And Measles Outbreaks

Vaccine Exemptions And Measles Outbreaks All 50 states have school immunization requirements, and all but Mississippi and West Virginia allow vaccine exemptions for religious beliefs. Nineteen states also grant exemptions for personal anti-vaccine beliefs. As the map below shows, the biggest outbreaks of 2013 happened in communities where clusters of people opted not to vaccinate for religious reasons - breaking the "herd immunity" vaccine laws are intended to create. Most of the other outbreaks were single cases or happened within families. Reported measles outbreaks, 2013* All 58 measles cases reported in an outbreak in Brooklyn, New York, involved unvaccinated members of an Orthodox Jewish community. 23 measles cases were reported in a largely unvaccinated Hare Krishna Number of reported measles cases community in Stokes County, North Carolina. 50 Cases not tied to religious communities The senior pastor of Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, had been critical of measles vaccinations, and at least 12 people infected in the congregation did not receive the vaccine. 25 Cases tied to unvaccinated members of religious communities *Data may not include all cases. Measles cases not tied to religious communities may have involved people not vaccinated for religious reasons. RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION PHILOSOPHICAL 2013 MEASLES RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHICAL 2013 MEASLES STATE EXEMPTION CASES? STATE EXEMPTION EXEMPTION CASES? Alabama YES NO NO Montana YES NO NO Alaska YES NO NO Nebraska YES NO NO Arizona YES YES NO Nevada YES NO NO New Hampshire New Jersey Arkansas YES YES NO YES NO NO California YES YES YES YES NO YES Colorado YES YES YES New Mexico YES NO NO New York North Carolina North Dakota Connecticut YES NO NO YES NO YEŞ Delaware YES NO NO YES NO YES DC YES NO NO YES YES NO Florida YES NO YEŞ Ohio YES YES NO Oklahoma Georgia Hawaii Idaho YES NO NO YES YES NO YES NO NO Oregon Pennsylvania YES NO YES YES YES NO YES YES NO Illinois YES NO NO Rhode Island YES NO NO Indiana YES NO YEŞ South Carolina YES NO NO lowa YES NO NO South Dakota YES NO NO Kansas YES NO NO Tennessee YES NO NO Kentucky YES NO NO Техas YES YES YES Louisiana YES YES NO Utah YES YES NO Maine YES YES NO Vermont YES YES NO Maryland Massachusetts YES NO NÓ YES NO NO Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin YES NO NO YES YES YES Michigan YES YES YES NO NO NO Minnesota YES YES NO YES YES NO Mississippi Missouri NO NO NO Wyoming YES NO NO YES YES** NO **The Missouri philosophical exemption applies only to daycare, preschool and nursery school. Most Who Got Measles Went Unvaccinated Due To Beliefs U.S residents with measles who were unvaccinated, by reasons for not receiving measles vaccine, 2013 Philosophical or religious beliefs (own or parents) Missed opportunity 79% 13% 5% 3% Ineligible for vaccination Unknown THE HUFFINGTON POST Sources: Centers for Disease Control, Council on Foreign Relations, National Conference of State Legislatures, NPR, Slate

Vaccine Exemptions And Measles Outbreaks

shared by alissascheller on Mar 20
A recent measles outbreak at a religious preschool in Vancouver with a vaccination rate of nearly zero points to a troubling trend. Large outbreaks in the past year are closely tied to pockets of unva...




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