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US Health Care: The Numbers Speak For Themselves

IT IS COMMONLY THOUGHT THAT THE UNITED STATES HAS THE BEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. BUT DID YOU KNOW... 400,000 DEATHS ARE RELATED TO AVOIDABLEHEALTHCARE. ERRORS THE AVERAGE COST OF HEALTHCARE FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR WAS $ 22, 030 IN 2013. 75% 62% of bankruptcy filings in the US in 2007 were of healthcare dollars are spent on patients with chronic conditions, due to illness or many of which are preventable. medical bills. F DE RALR ESERV ENOTE D STATES OFAMERIOCA S NOTE IS orars, AND P L11180916 C WAStINGTON,D.C. 12. rell s O ED OLL 30 CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR SPENT ON U.S. HEALTH CARE ISWASTED THAT EQUATES TO ABOUT $750,000,000,000 (OR $2,125 PER PERSON) EVERY SINGLE TIE UNITED STATES OFAMERICA YEAR. L180916 ONEDOL ARO IN FACT, THE UNITED STATES SPENDS MORE ON HEALTH CARE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD... US UK $1,121 $10,000 Bypass Surgery $73,420 $335 $2,600 $14,117 MRI Normal Birth 米 US AUS CAN Yearly Prescription $947 $503 $602 Costs (per capita) ...BUT, DESPITE SPENDING MORE, THE U.S. RANKS: 39th IN INFANT MORTALITY 36th IN LIFE EXPECTANCY COMPARED TO OTHER DEVELOPED NATIONS... Life Expectancy (in years) 米 United States Canada United Kingdom 78.7 81.0 81.1 Australia France Switzerland 82.0 82.2 82.8 ...AMERICANS SPEND MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH ON HEALTH CARE AND STILL DI ESOONER. STILL THINK WE HAVE THE WORLD'S BEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM? YOU CAN BE PART OF THE HEALTHCARE REFORM MOVEMENT. INQUIRE HERE: WWw.INQUIREHEALTHCARE.COM INQUIREhealthcare TM Don't be patient. Demand good care. SOURCES:, Eviden ce based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx The Incentive Cure by Francois de Brantes ncid3edlinkusaolp00000008 ss-Affordability-and-Insurance.aspx %20and%20You/Health_reform_and_you_COSTS 11 22 2013_web_final.pdf

US Health Care: The Numbers Speak For Themselves

shared by HCI3 on Jan 15
It is commonly thought that the United States has the world's best health care out of all the advanced nations. In reality, we are spending more on our health but living short lives than those across ...


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