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Urgent Care vs. ER

ÜRG RGENT CARE IS NOT EMERGENCY CARE When you are sick or injured, there is one question that often comes up: "Should I go to the emergency room or urgent care?" Deciding between the two is easier than you may realize, and this guide will help make the difference clearer than ever. When do you go to URGENT CARE Urgent Care?W + Urgent Care centers exist to treat patlents with varying conditions that need to be treated right away, but aren't emergencies. Existing condilions like allergies are one of the reasons to go to an Urgent Care center, especially when your primary care physician's office is closed, or you can't get a timely appolntment. Typical Urgent Care Problems: Cough, cold, or sore throat Animal or Broken bones Minor insect bite burns Mild allergic Ear infections Sprains or strains Fever / Flu reactions When do you go to ER ER? When you think you may have a serious life or limb-threatening condition. Typical ER Problems: Severe Stroke Severe Chest pain Head injury bleeding Sudden difficulty Severe pain breathing Major trauma Abdominal pains When you need medical attention and aren't in a life or limb-threatening situation, an Urgent Care center is the ideal place to go. Here's why: Why choose Urgent Care over the Emergency Room: 1 Save Money On average, 48% of people that go to the Emergency Room are sent home and not admitted to the hospital because their situation isn't an "emergency." Not an emergency! 48% URGENT CARE $97 Allergies EMERGENCY CARE $345 Average Difference $248 $110 $127 Ear Ache Acute Bronchitis $400 $395 Average Difference $290 Average Difference $268 $102 $94 Pink Eye Sore Throat $370 $525 Average Difference $268 Average Difference Š431 $111 $112 Strep Throat Sinusitis $531 $617 Average Difference $420 Average Difference $505 Urinary Tract $110 Infection Upper Respiratory Infection $111 $665 $486 Average Difference $555 Average Difference $375 A recent study shows emergency room costs are approximately 700% more than the cost for the same level of quality medical care received at an urgent care facility. 2. Lower Co-payments Many major insurance companies categorize urgent care facilities as primary care facilities, so co-payments may be substantially lower than co- payments required for a trip to the Emergency Room. 3. No Facility Fee Submit your insurance claim and you receive a single bill. Emergency rooms and hospital owned urgent cares charge you both a facility fee and a fee for the physicians service. A 2009 Merrit Hawkins study showed the average wait time for the average ER visit lasts over 4 hours according to a 2010 report from Press Ganey. 4 HOURS 4. Save Your Time The Urgent Care Association of America's 2010 Urgent Care Benchmarking Report surveyed nearly 1,700 urgent care centers and found that about 65% of patients wait less than 20 minutes to see a provider. 65% 50-100 new u w urgent care clinics open each year 5. Closer to You Average number of Emergency Departments in USA: Average number of urgent care offices in USA: 4,874 9,300 42% in rural counties 15% in urban areas 10% in rural areas 58% 75% were in urban located in counties suburban areas If you aren't in a life or limb-threatening situation, an urgent care center will provide you with the right care, at the right price, with the right level of convenience. Sources go-to-the emergency-room-or-urgent-care http://www.cdc govnchsidatanhisjearlyrelease/emergency_room_use january-june 2011.pdf http //www.debt.ora/medicallemergency ro urge care costs http:/ -urgent-care out-of-pocket-urgent-care-facility-or-hospital-er http:/l/ ut-urgent-car html http:/ many-emergency departments http // http://www.ncbi.nim.nih.govpubmed/211z2024 http:/ http://www.ncbi.nim.nih.govlpmcjarclesp Croom-vs-urgent-care-center html h ttp:// http:/ PHYSICIAN one URGENT CARE EMERGENCY CARE URGENT CARE

Urgent Care vs. ER

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Ever wondered what the difference is between visiting an emergency room and urgent care? The decision is much easier than you may realize. Hopefully this infographic will help you make the right decis...




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