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The Unnerving Truth About Oral Health

The Unnerving Truth About Oral Health The Cost of Poor Oral Hygiene Poor Oral Hygiene Can Cause The Development of Common Oral Problems Like Periodontal Disease And Be Harmful To A Person's Overall Health. Halitosis No One Likes Bad Breath 50% of American adults suffer from persistent bad breath Brushing teeth alone only reduces bad breath by thirty percent For 25% of Americans, bad breath is a severe and chronic problem 30% Rinsing your mouth and brushing your tongue can reduce bad breath by seventy percent DENTAL FLOSS 70% Improper oral hygiene, as well as activities such as smoking, can lead to persistent bad breath IMPORTANT Bad breath is a common and persistent problem for many adults nationwide. Proper oral hygiene is the best way to remedy bad breath. Gum Disease Affects One Tooth In 80% Of Individuals 2 Stages of Gum Disease The accumulation of dental plaque that causes gums to swell and bleed 50% of people have gingivital inflammation Gingivitis A chronic bacterial infection that can lead to the destruction of tooth structures 22% of people have chronic periodontitis & 13% have moderate to severe periodontitis Periodontitis Because periodontal disease hinders glycemic control, DIABETES increases the risk and hastens the progression of gum disease. FACTS: of Americans with diabetes have periodontal disease 95% Common Oral Problems: A Health Risk The Relationship Between A Person's Oral Health And Their General Health Is Indisputable Risks Associated With Periodontal Disease: Hormonal changes can increase the risk of periodontal disease Women with periodontal disease are 3x more likely to have complications during pregnancy 30% of pregnant women will have gingivitis The likelihood of developing a cardiovascular disease (CVD) is significantly correlated with periodontal disease CVDS account for Types of CVDS include: coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure and more approximately 40% of all deaths worldwide People suffering from perionditis may be 2x as likely to suffer from a heart attack or 3 stroke Infographic Provided By: Sources: Grau, Armin J., et al. "Periodontal disease as a risk factor for ischemic stroke."Stroke 35.2 (2004): 496- 501. Inaba, Hiroaki, and Atsuo Amano. "Roles of oral bacteria in cardiovascular diseases-from molecular mechanisms to clinical cases: Implication of periodontal diseases in development of systemic diseases." Joumal of pharmacological sciences 113.2 (2010): 103-109. National Institutes of Health. "Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments." (2008). Tonzetich, J., and S. K. Ng. "Reduction of malodor by oral cleansing procedures." Oral Surgery, Oral All-In-One Dental Plan , Oral Pathology 42.2 (2006): 172-181.

The Unnerving Truth About Oral Health

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This infographic shows how poor oral hygiene can cause the development of problems and diseases that can be harmful to a person’s overall health, and ultimately, the benefits of keeping a routine or...



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