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United States Cancer Statistics Map

United States Cancer Statistics combined Data 2004-2008 (Male & Female, all type of cancers) Most affected States 1. Kentucky 2. Delaware 512,9 512,8 Olympie NEW HAMPSHIRE WASHINGTON 3. Rhode Island 4. Pennsylvania VERMONT MAINE Auguste 505,3 O Helene NORTH DAKOTA O Salem MASSACHUSETTS 499,7 MONTANA O Bismarck 5. Maine 6. Connecticut 7. New York 8. Massachusetts 9. New Jersey 10. New Hampshire 499,6 OREGON MINNESOTA Montpelier Concord 499,5 Boise SOUTH DAKOTA WISCONSIN Albany Boston 495,5 IDAHO St. Peul Pierre Lansing S NEW YORK PProvidence 495,3 Medison WYOMING Hartford RHODE ISLAND 494,9 MICHIGAN NEVADA IOWA CONNECTICUT 493,5 PENNSYLVANIA Cheyenne NEBRASKA Secremento O Carson City Harrisburg O Trenten оно Des Moines ILLINOIS INDIANA Salt Lake City Lincoln o NEW JERSEY Columbus ODover WEST VIRGINIA O Denver Springfield Indianapolis Legend UTAH Annepolis COLORADO Topeka MISSOURI DELAWARE Chariston Richmont CALIFORNIA KANSAS MARYLAND Jefferson City Frenkfort VIRGINIA Less than 425 WAHSINGTON D.C. SKENTUCKY Less than 450 Raleigh o O Neshville Less than 475 ARIZONA NORTH CAROLINA Less than 500 Less than 525 TENNESSEE SOUTH CAROLINA Sente Fee OKLAHOMA ARKANSAS Phoenix NEW MEXICO Oklahoma City Columbie Atlente Little Rock ALABAMA GEORGIA Jeckson LOUISIANA O Explanation Montgomery TEXAS MISSISSIPPI O Tellahessee Baton Rouge Rates are per 100,000 persons and are age-adjusted to the 2000 U.S. standard population (19 age groups-Census P25- 1130). Austin ALASKA FLORIDA Honolulu MOLOKAI Junes KAUAI OAHU HAWAI Created by | Data Source: United States Cancer Statistics (USCS)

United States Cancer Statistics Map

shared by PremiumSlides on Jun 26
This a PremiumSlides data map of United States. It shows the cancer rate in different States. As you can see the States in the east of US are more affected. The information is a data combination of th...


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