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Understanding Your Cholesterol Levels

Understanding Your CHOLESTEROL LEVELS What Is Cholesterol? A WAXY SUBSTANCE THAT IS MADE BY THE BODY AND FOUND IN FOOD Cholesterol forms plaque on artery walls, and can break off and cause clots Too much cholesterol can make it harder for your blood to circulate A clot that blocks an artery A clot that blocks an artery to to the brain causes a stroke the heart causes a heart attack Good and Bad Cholesterol LDL CHOLESTEROL Stands for low-density lipoprotein Considered "bad" cholesterol because it aids in formation of plaque Excess LDL can lead to atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, and more HDL CHOLESTEROL Stands for high-density lipoprotein Helps remove LDL from arteries, carrying it back to the liver Healthy HDL levels may help protect you against heart attack and stroke Your Cholesterol Numbers TOTAL BLOOD CHOLESTEROL Calculated as LDL + HDL + 20% of triglyceride level <180 Ideal total score should beless than 180 mg/dL. LDL Lower levels of LDL are better Below 100 mg/dL is ideal <100 Eating saturated and trans fats can increase your LDL HDL Higher levels of HDL are better >60 Above 60 mg/dL is ideal Low HDL increases your risk of heart disease Triglycerides High triglycerides with low HDL or high LDL is associated with atherosclerosis Normal levels will vary depending on age and sex PROVIDED BY: SOURCES: CARDIAC tCholesterol/About-Cholesterol_UCM.001220_Article jsp tCholesterol/Good-vs Bad-Cholesterol_UCM 305561 Articke.jup tCholesterol/What Your Cholesterol-Levels Nean_UCM_305562 Article jsp http://www.heart.crg/HEARTORG/Conditions/Cholester- ol/WhyCholesterolMatters/Why Cholesterol-Matters UCNL001212 Artidejsp http://www.mayodinicorg/diseases condi- tions/high-blood-cholesteroljin-depthjcholesterol-levelsjart-20048245 SOLUTIONS wWW.PHOENIX-CARDIOLOGY.COM

Understanding Your Cholesterol Levels

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Some cholesterol is actually good for you! High-density lipoprotein, or HDL cholesterol, can help protect you from heart attack and stroke. Get the details about HDL and read about bad cholesterol by ...



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