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Understanding Autoimmune Disease

what is an Autoimmune Disease? a newlifeoutlook infographic There are currently more than 80 KNOWN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES all of which are chronic, some life-threatening. UP TO 50 MILLION AMERICANS suffer from autoimmune disease" 75% OF THOSE ARE WOMEN" BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE? A "normal" immune system attacks foreign agents to protect your body against disease. But with autoimmune disease, your immune system mistakes healthy tissues for foreign ones and attacks them instead. IV The cause of this is unknown, but it is believed autoimmunity can be triggered by: V ВАСTERIA VIRUSES DRUGS TOXINS What are the Most Common Autoimmune Diseases?" VI Lupus Psoriasis Multiple Sclerosis Hashimoto's Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis Sjögren's Syndrome * Celiac Disease Type 1 Diabetes COMMON SYMPTOMS Many autoimmune conditions Occur simultaneously and share similar symptoms, making diagnosis very difficult. Common symptoms of many autoimmune diseases include: VII * Fatigue * Fever * Malaise Many parts of the body are affected, so symptoms are widely varied. Flare-ups are when these symptoms worsen, sometimes for days, weeks or months at a time. You can ease symptoms with medical interventions and by following a healthy lifestyle, but autoimmune diseases have no cure. Resources I, II autoimmune-statistics/ II autoimmune-disease-in-women/ Iv #Overview1 v questions-and-answers/ Vi autoimmune-disorders#Types2 VII autoimmune-disorders#Causes3 newlifeoutlook

Understanding Autoimmune Disease

shared by NewLifeOutlook on Apr 15
In the United States alone, there is an estimated 50 million people living with autoimmune disease. Of those 50 million, researchers believe 75 percent of them are women. With so many people affected,...


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