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Unconventional Weight Loss

UNCONVENTIONAL Weight Loss 10 20 10 120 Everyone knows how difficult it is to both lose weight and keep it down during the holiday season. Well it can be different this year if you follow some of these simple holiday fat-burning techniques. DROP the POUNDS CHOPPING WOOD FOR 4 MINUTES AND 22 SECONDS NEED A CHRISTMAS TREE? HANG UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE Use the chopped wood for the holiday fireplace or for decoration Chop one down for a reward of 120 calories burned For every hour you spend hanging lights you will burn 100 cal 100 CALORIES BURNED 120 CALORIES BURNED 100 CALORIES BURNED SPIN GIANT-SIZED DREIDELS FOR 20 MINUTES SPEED-WRAP 100 GIFTS for an intense arm workout for cardio training TAKE YOUR CHILDREN ON A SLEIGH RIDE WAIT UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE TO GO HOLIDAY SHOPPING and pretend to be Rudolf for a full body workout You will burn plenty of calories from the added stress, speed walking and possibly accompanied with running SAY YES TO EVERY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY THAT COMES YOUR WAY WE NEED YOU! You won't have time to fit much more than a small meal into that busy schedule! GO SHOPPING FOR THE PERFECT HOLIDAY OUTFIT HAVE THE WORST CHEF IN YOUR FAMILY COOK DINNER It will be easy to resist the urge of holiday gluttony one size too small to keep up motivation NOW FOR the HARD PART.. Sesa Reep it off! s Volunteer to pick up discarded neighborhood Christmas trees SALE Start planning a warm weather vacation and shop for swimsuits to keep your motivations high As you clean up all of your holiday decorations, do 3 squats in-between each item you put away Xmas stuff Put the holiday decorations away, further up in your closet. Make several rounds on the step stool for glute and hamstring maintenance Participate in as many volunteer opportunities as possible to keep both your body and soul active Don't forget to write your thank you cards! As you take them to the mailbox make sure you deliver each one separately for a good walking workout Take down your Christmas lights. For every hour you spend un-hanging the lights you will burn 100 calories Don't let the holidays weigh down this time around! Keep trying on that holiday outfit you bought. Memories of the happy, not heavy, holidays will keep you motivated through the next holiday season you THESE NON-TRADITIONAL WORKOUT TIPS WILL HELP YOU KEEP YOUR ENERGY UP AND STAY IN SHAPE POST-HOLIDAY SEASON. Sources fitbug pe=Publishing&mod=Publications%3A%3AArticle&mid=1578600D80804596A222593669321019&tier=4&id= 41124AA4E99140C097682FC77BFA9EF5

Unconventional Weight Loss

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With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas all falling within a few weeks of each other each year, it’s not uncommon for some to gain a few extra pounds over the holiday season. In the following inf...




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