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The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo

Greatist THE* ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EATING PALEO The Paleolithic Diet – AKA the Primal Blueprint, Paleo, Caveman, Stone Age, or Hunter-Gatherer Diet – is based on what the first humans (cavemen) ate: wild plants and animals. While a true paleo diet may have been perfectly healthy back when it was the only choice, some experts feel it is extremely difficult to duplicate. However, sites like Mark's Daily Apple and the information given here can help you adapt the eating rules to your needs. 21 WHY FOLLOW THE PALEO DIET? Paleo eaters believe obesity, heart disease, and diabetes can be partially attributed to modern diets and sedentary lifestyles. " Think of the paleo diet as stepping back in time... before processed foods and the cultivation of vegetables high in starch. THE MODERN PALEO DIET Diet consists of Diet does not include: 31 unprocessed foods: 31 fish dairy products meat grains eggs legumes nuts excess sugar fruit vegetable oils vegetables WWCD: WHAT WOULD A CAVEMAN DO? As you shop, look for fresh or frozen vegetables, which can be Diet should be eaten raw or cooked with fat, 14 C high in fat, moderate in animal protein, and low to moderate in " [4] The more active the person, the more carbs carbohydrates." they can eat. Those who are less active will need to cut carb intake. FATS YOU SHOULD KNOW × Avocado and olive oils are good Beef tallow, lard, duck fat- only from healthy animals. 41 Saturated fats, like COconut oil, (4) in salads; coconut and macadamia oils are healthy, too. (4 (5) Animal protein, indluding red meat, pork, organ meat (kidney, liver, heart), poultry, eggs, fresh fish, and shellfish [4] Robb Wolf – author of The paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet – suggests categorizing your protein options as: Air: even though they don't fly chicken turkey duck ostrich ) ---------------------------- Land: pork beef lamb 151 Sea: trout salmon Crab shrimp Support the family farm: Buy only grass-fed or pasture-raised meat. NO ACCESS TO FARM-FRESH MEAT? Eat lean cuts and supplement with COconut oil, butter, or clarified butter, (41 x A RETURN TO BASICS 4 Eat small amounts of fruit and nuts. 4) Cooked or raw, fresh or frozen vegetables are a great choice. Sweet potatoes and yams make good choices because they are high in complex carbohydrates. Nuts, like macadamia, are low in polyunsaturated fat and high in omega-3 fats, (4) x ELIMINATE GRAINS AND LEGUMES x [4] rye wheat oats barley brown rice corn kidney, pinto, and navy beans peanuts soy black-eyed peas * CUT OUT HYDROGENATED AND PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS * margarine corn oil soybean oil Crisco peanut oil sunflower oil x Ditch the sugar: 141 x packaged products and juices 41 soft drinks (4) x PAT THE COW, DON'T MILK IT × [4] Eliminate or reduce dairy products. Early humans did not consume dairy before the domestication of animals. While some groups developed adaptations to handle dairy well, this is not true of everyone. Cutting back considerably on dairy products is generally recommended. DRAWBACKS? The paleo diet is low in carbohydrates but rich in high-protein foods. [no] Is it safe to eat such a diet? Let's break it down. 01 . Uric acid is formed from breakdown of purine. 0 While purine is found in high-protein foods, it is not essential to the diet as the body synthesizes it. 101 Foods high in purine indude: D01 poultry fish and legumes beans seafood wheat glandular beef organs, liver nuts pork Excess purine is eliminated by the kidneys as uric acid. n0 Healthy kidneys will adapt by "wrapping up" excess uric acid, n0) Eating foods high in purine can lead to hyperuricemia, gout, and kidney disease. no So, a person with healthy kidneys who follows a well maintained paleo Diet should be fine. [10| The paleo diet is a favorite of many looking to lose weight and Improve health. While evaluating a diet for its safety and usefulness is important, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to get back to their roots... literally. A SPECIAL THANKS TO ROBB WOLF AND MARK SISSON INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY: BlueGlass Sources: ) [2] [3] [4] [5] [(6] 17] [8] [9] [10]

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo

shared by greatist on Oct 10
Paleo dieting is growing in popularity, but is it actually healthy, and how can we stick to it today? Read on for our ultimate guide to eating paleo in a busy modern world.




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