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Turn Your House Into A 'Home Gym'

Turn Your House into a Home Gynm' OK. LET' S WARM UP... If you find that you haven't got enough time to get yourself to the gym three nights a week or you don't want to spend money on a monthly membership, why not combine your workout with your housework and home improvement? MOVEMENT: Grab a feather duster and start stretching... READY? LET'S GO! VACUUM CLEANING MOVEMENT: Extend your arm, pushing the vacuum cleaner away from you. Once the arm is fully extended, retract to starting position = one rep. 30 MIN WORKOUT = 180KCAL BURNT MUSCLES WORKED: / Calf = 30 MINS BRISK WALKING v Core v Triceps D =1 PINT OF LAGER O ADVANCED: Incorporate some lunges into your workout for added intensity and calorie burning. CLEANING WINDOWS MOVEMENT: Cleaning: Move the sponge/cloth in a circular pattern, covering the surface. This will work your shoulders and 381 381 biceps - you'll feel the difference after CLEANING RINSING several washes. Rinsing: Move a squeegee in a vertical up/down formation. This will target your triceps. MUSCLES WORKED: V Shoulders v Triceps v Biceps 30 MIN WORKOUT = 125KCAL BURNT = 22 MINS CYCLING ADVANCED: Add some shine to your workout = ½ A CHOCOLATE BAR and polish the windows after they've dried. REMOVING & INSTALLING CARPET REMOVING MOVEMENT: Remove: Pull the carpet towards you. INSTALLING Once you have fully contracted your arms, stand up and walk backwards, continuing to pull the carpet. Install: Place the carpet on the floor. Kneel down and push the MUSCLES WORKED: carpet along the floor with short, quick pushes. V Entire Body 30 MIN WORKOUT= 180KCAL BURNT O = 35 MINS GOLF ADVANCED: Offer to do your neighbour's carpets on the same day. =1 BOTTLE OF COLA SCRUBBING FLOORS MOVEMENT: Place the brush on the floor. Push the brush away from you, once your arm is fully extended, bring the brush back to the starting position = one rep. 30 MIN WORKOUT = 200KCAL BURNT MUSCLES WORKED: V Upper Arm = 45 MINS DANCING v Core V Abs 9 =1 LARGE SLICE OF PIZZA O ADVANCED: Scrub up well and use both hands at the same time. Push the brush away, extending your whole body. Once your body is flat return to your starting position. This will really work your core. PAINTING MOVEMENT: Put the brush or roller onto the wall, B extend your arm upwards until fully extended. Once fully extended, return the brush back down again = one rep. 30 MIN WORKOUT = 210KCAL BURNT MUSCLES WORKED: v Upper Arms = 35 MINS BRISK WALKING V Pecs =1½ GLASSES OF WINE O ADVANCED: Add wrist weights and swap hands to work both arms and mix your workout up. Once you've painted your entire house, you'll be so toned that you'll need another coat! MOWING THE LAWN MOVEMENT: Push your lawn mower up and down your garden, trying to work in straight lines. 30 MIN WORKOUT= 185KCAL BURNT MUSCLES WORKED: v Cardio (it's not all about the beach body!) = 25 MINS BADMINTON D =1 PINT OF BEER O ADVANCED: Pick up the pace; try power walking whilst cutting the grass. DIGGING MOVEMENT: Place your spade onto the surface and apply pressure, pushing it into the ground. Push the spade away from you and dig the soil out. Deposit the soil away from the hole and return to start position = one rep. 30 MIN WORKOUT = 315KCAL BURNT MUSCLES WORKED: V Upper Body = 30 MINS FOOTBALL V Lower Back V Thighs =1 CHEESEBURGER O ADVANCED: Take your workout to a 'hole' new level and take shorter breaks between reps. SOURCES: Stormclad home improvements

Turn Your House Into A 'Home Gym'

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Sometimes our busy lives can get ahead of us and we miss out on doing one of the most important things, being active. Although, being active isn't that hard when you do daily activities, such as clean...




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