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The Truths About Hypnosis

The Truth About Hypnosis Neither stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy involve anything supernatural! Hypnosis is simply a focussed psychological state, which can be induced by a trained hypnotist, or self-induced by a suitably experienced individual! Myth 1: Hypnosis is supernatural A sample of 18 people took an intensive, four week, 20 session hypnotherapy treatment to beat a variety of substance addictions. A year after treatment, 77% of the sample had successfully avoided relapse. Successful Treatment (77%) Unsuccess ul Treatment (23%) Whilst hypnosis can show very positive short term results when dealing with addiction, or other psychological maladies, issues can re-emerge if hypnotherapy is not continued. Myth 2: Hypnosis is an instant solution A University of lowa study found that, when helping people quit smoking, hypnosis was 15 times more effective than willpower, and 3 times more effective that using nicotine patches. Effectiveness Wilpower | Hypnosis Patch In many cases the opposite is true; a degree of concentration and focus is required on the part of the patient, in order to successfully enter a hypnotic trance Myth 3: Hypnosis requires a weak mind In a weight loss study detailed in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, women who received hypnotherapy treatment lost more than 30 times the weight of those who had not! 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Treatment type I Not hy pnotised IHy pnotised Due to the suggestibility of patients who are in a hypnotic trance, 'hidden' or 'lost' memories recovered during a session are unreliable at best, and outright falsehoods at worst Myth 4: Hypnosis can retrieve lost memories A University of Washington School of Medicine study found that, of 43 consecutive patients looking to quit smoking through hypnosis treatment, 90.6% of the patients had still not relapsed 6 months - 3 years later 40 30 20 10 Patients IRelapsed Abstinent Being in a hypnotic trance is a lot like driving, you are tuned out, and sometimes not fully aware of minute-to-minute actions, but you can react if necessary. Ultimately, a patient can emerge from a hypnotic trance at will. Myth 5: Patients have no control while in a hypnotic trance An analysis of 18 studies, which compared hypnosis against other weightloss methods, conducted by the University of Connecticut, found that patients who had been treated with hypnotherapy lost more weight than 90% of those that hadn't. The hypnotherapy group maintained the weight loss for 2 years Greater, maintained weight loss I Lower, unmaintained weigh loss Infographic provided by Chrysalis Not For Profit Limited Average Weight Loss (kg)

The Truths About Hypnosis

shared by esmithvl on Jul 16
There are many common myths about hypnotherapy and this infographic addresses them. It also provides interesting facts!


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