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The Truth Hurts

dhe TRUTH HURTS HOW EVERYDAY PAIN AFFECTS NEARLY EVERYONE Sore back, aching joints, pain in the neck...sound familiar? A new study from Harris Interactive reveals the vast majority of people experience muscle and joint pain-and in more than one place. Who's hurting, where, and how do they deal with it? Let's find out... PAIN IS AN EPIDEMIC... That's Sweeping The Nation 85% experience .... MUSCLE or JOINT OF AMERICANS PAIN PEOPLE in pain BY REGION MIDWEST 87% WEST 83% NORTH EAST 84%, SOUTH 87% PAIN KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES WHERE IT HURTS 80% 60% 40% 78% 74% 68% 65% 60% 57% 20% 0% ARMS OUL N not only are the MAJORITY of PEOPLE but they're in more HURTING THAN PAIN in 小 of 3% or more PLACES PEOPLE 75% experience PAIN in THE BIGGEST PAINS... 1 BACK 5 $50 BILLION ON LOWER BACK PAIN NOT out of THE AMOUNT AMERICANS SPENT THE ODDS OF LAST YEAR ENDURING BACK PAIN THIS YEAR 44 21 PAIN SCHEDULE .... people suffer .... people suffer ..... FROM LOWER BACK FROM UPPER BACK PAIN PAIN ..... on a ..... ...... at least ..... DAILY BASIS ONCE A WEEK 2 NECK & SHOULDERS 1-2 in TEXTING is a leading PEOPLE WITH CONTRIBUTOR NECK or SHOULDER PAIN TO NECK PAIN TODAY EXPERIENCE IT AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH 3 JOINTS the odds of ..... 50/50 HAVING JOINT PAIN ARE BETTER THAN the odds of LIVING PAST the odds that ..... SOMEONE WITH JOINT 65 PAIN WILL FACE IT ON A MONTHLY BASIS WHO HURTS BATTLE of the SEXES The battle is close but women win the pain game – women experience more pain in every area of the body except one: ARMS I 100% 50% 84% 87% 0% WOMEN MARRIAGE = MORE PAIN BY NEARLY TYING THE KNOT WHILE SINGLE PEOPLE endure their ..... 10% FAIR SHARE OF INCREASES YOUR ..... chances of..... PAIN EXPERIENCING PAIN TREATING THE PAIN O0% USE PAIN MEDICATION A 40% USE HOT/COLD TREATMENTS O 21% USE MASSAGE THERAPY 17% 17% SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION O 5% USE A HOLISTIC APPROACH 64% COMBINE 2 OR MORE TREATMENTS WOMEN 4-10 in are PEOPLE IN PAIN CHOOSE TO TAKE IT EASY as likely AS MEN and hope IT GOES AWAY ..... TO DO SOMETHING TO TREAT THEIR PAIN TRADING THE PAIN if given the opportunity . MORE THAN HALF OF AMERICANS ..... WOULD RATHER... DO SOMETHING UNPLEASANT GIVE UP INTERNET 23 MILLION FOR 6 MONTHS PIERCE THEIR TONGUE 28 MILLION GIVE A SPEECH IN 28 MILLION THEIR UNDERWEAR EAT CANNED HAM 56 MILLION 10 20 30 40 50 60 MILLIONS OF AMERICANS than endure their · .... PAIN WAHL Visit to learn more about pain management tools HOME PRODUCTS SOURCE: Online survey conduction within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Wahl Clipper Corporation from February 15-19, 2013 among 2,252 adults ages 18 and older. *Numbers based on the United States adult population 234,564,071 from the 2010 US Census Bureau Survey. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Patrick Kopischkie at [email protected] BACK JOINTS LEGS FEET place MILLION MILLION PERCENT OF AMERICANS IN PAIN MEN

The Truth Hurts

shared by Wahl on May 30
The truth is Americans are hurting, and this time it’s not because of the economy. This infographic explores an epidemic that can affect anyone, at anytime - pain. More than eight in 10 Americans ha...




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