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The Truth About Women's Weightlifting

THE TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT LIFTNG WOMEN FOR Women often avoid weight and strength training to avoid getting "big." Pick up some weights, here's the truth... The US Department of Health and Human Services health guidelines for women recommend: 75-120 minutes of moderate to high intensity aerobic activity per week 2 strength-training sessions per week MEET THIS STANDARD ONLY 18% USE WEIGHT TRAINING EQUIPMENT WOMEN WITH GYMS2 MEMBERSHIPS: 1/2 1/3 USE FREE WEIGHTS "BUT I DON'T WANT TO LOOK MASCULINE" FACT: FACT: A woman's average testosterone level is a mere 5%-10% of the average male Testosterone is the main chemical driver in muscle production Fluctuations within TOTAL TESTOSTERONE LEVELS normal range do not make a ng/dl 270-1100 ng/ml 2.4 - 12 ng/dl 6-86 ng/ml 0.1 - 1.2 substantial difference on muscle size and growth Female bodybuilders who resemble a male bodybuilder physique spend countless hours weightlifting and often take testosterone boosting supplements. TOP 4 REASONS WHY WOMEN WORK OUT CARDIO STRENGTH FAT BURN AND WEIGHT CONTROL 10-12 8-1O calories/min calories/min muscle recovery stimulates a post metabolic spike for an hour post workout STRESS MANAGEMENT 30-75 Improves mood balance mins. of cardio per week can greatly reduce anxiety and minimize fatigue by 50% SELF CONFIDENCE The sense of accomplishment achieved by finishing cardio improves one's perception of the self Similarly, increasing amount of weight lifted and number of repetitions has a similar effect on self confidence ATHLETIC TEAM TRAINING Cardio builds the Strength training conditions your endurance essential for all muscles to contract team sports quickly enough to minimize injuries ADDED BENEFITS OF STRENGTH TRAINING Studies show that women who participate in regular weight and strength training: Show less Burn more fat Have an average Report a more positive mood signs of aging lower BMI BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOURCES: CHUZE FIT NE S S

The Truth About Women's Weightlifting

shared by StaceySD on Apr 22
Exercise equipment used by certain genders is typically split between women using cardio machines and men using weight machines and free weights. Recently studies have shown that women are using weigh...


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