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The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

The truth about Premature Ejaculation (PE) Prevalence 中 忡 One in three men suffer from PE. -42 The average age of a PE sufferer is 23% of sufferers attribute their early climaxing simply to "getting older". However, PE affects men of all ages and demographics. 18-24 10.9% 25-34 21% 35-44 23.6% 45-54 21.7% 55-70 22.8% mdecea. 68% Indeed, of men with PE are married (or living with their partner). It's not just us mere mortals, either: PE even affected the Greek God of fire, Hephaestus. "He, being forsaken by Aphrodite, fell in love with Athena and began to pursue her; but she fled. When he got near her with much ado (for he was lame) he attempted to embrace her; but she being a chaste virgin, would not submit to him, and he dropped his seed on the leg of the goddess." Trends athird Over a of men say they have learned to live with their PE. 88% of PE suferers want further help. 41%. of men have turned to alcohol to address their condition. A16% And have even tried illicit drugs. 9% 4.5% Yet only of men will And just see their doctor or physician see a psychotherapist. about the issue. Of those who did seek professional help, 92% of those who saw a 96% of those who saw a therapist recorded little or no improvement. doctor recorded little or no improvement. Treatment 1 of PE sufferers have tried special positions during sex to try and improve their sexual performance. More than Attempted treatments in history have included: Lotus flowers Oysters (Ancient Romans) Electrotherapy (early C.20th) (Ancient Egypt) Other holistic therapies are still tried today: Meditation Acupuncture Psychoanalysis There is no medical evidence these treatments work. There is a solution, however. PROLONG„ is the Only medically approved treatment program for premature ejaculation. 61% of people who used Prolong climax control programme managed to control ejaculation, lasting 11x longer compared to previous treatment. Using Prolong climax control programme improved sexual satisfaction, frequency and initiative. PROLONG- Sources: Premature latio Etiology to Diagnosis and Treatment, edited by Emmanuele A. Jannini, Chris G. McMahon, Marcel D. Waldinger (2013) The Premature Ejaculation Prevalence and Attitudes (PEPA) Survey: Prevalence, Comorbidities and Professional Help-Seeking, Hartmut Porst, Francesco Montorsi, Raymond C. Rosen, Lisa Gaynor, Stephanie Grupe, Joseph Alexander (2006) A novel treatment for premature ejaculation: a randomised controlled trial', Wise MEJ, Pujol M, Baggaley M, Crowe M, Poster presentation, Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Conference 2004 (2004) Evaluation of a behavioral treatment intervention for premature ejaculation using a hand-held stimulating device, Patrick Jerna, Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy (2013)

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

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Digging a little deeper into the surprisingly common. but not often spoken about. issue of premature ejaculation - PE for short.




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