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The Truth About e-cigarettes

e-cigarettes The Truth About What are they? Electronic cigarettes are smoking devices that have been commercially available since 2004. The idea is to simulate the sensation of smoking while providing an alternative nicotine supply, without the user inhaling the tars. They come in many shapes and sizes, but their purpose is the same: to mimic other smoking instruments like pipes, cigars, and of course, cigarettes. red LED How do they work? 1 The user inhales through a cigarette looking mouthpiece. Compare the averāge prices lithium battery The air-flow triggers $100 a sensor that switches One on the atomizer, e-cigarette a rechargeable battery-powered heater. $5.51 One pack of regular cigarettes airflow sensor The heater vaporizes liquid nicotine in a small cartridge, $2 as it also activates a light at the end of the e-cigarette. One refill atomizer cartridge (heater) Durability The puff of hot gas Each cartridge lasts approximately the same 4 reaches the lungs, similar to tobacco smoke. amount of time as 25 tobacco cigarettes: mouthpiece nicotine As the user exhales, a cloud cartridge of PEG vapor (theatrical smoke that also goes in the cartridge) quickly dissipates. 25 cartridge tobacco cigarettes The claimed advantages What's really known about them There isn't any tobacco in the formula. Plus the user There are no clinical studies inhales the synthetic nicotine without inhaling any tar. on the long-term use of e-cigarettes. There is evidence that they may be just as harmful. They don't produce smoke, therefore they may be used in a smoke-free environment. The product still needs approval of the FDA as a smoking cessation device. Intended use, ingredients and components, in fact, have been refused many times by FDA, FDA for lack of scientific evidence. They reduce the amount of second-hand smoke health problems. Rather than quit, they might worsen an user's nicotine habit. People may actually be encouraged to increase nicotine exposure. Nicotine, after all, is still a drug. The liquid inside the cartridge is mainly composed by artificial nicotine, tobacco essence, propylene glycol (PEG), tetramethylpyrazine and flavorizers. Regular tobacco cigarettes come with about 4000 chemical products and about 43 carcinogens, besides nicotine and PEG. Some of the ingredients in an e-cigarette are associated with gastrointestinal irritation and even brain damage. Doctors say that using e-cigarettes is just one way to substitute one dangerous vice for another. Compare the nicotine levels Cartridged nicotine Nicotine solutions in refillable cartridges come in several different concentrations, so users can decide what's right for them: Considering an average smoker inhaling per day: Traditional cigarettes 54 mg/ml 14 to 21 mg Nicotine replacement | | 6 to 48 mg products E-cigarette 3.36 mg The risks of nicotine 18 Here are some associated ills: mg/ml 14 • Artery constriction, which makes blood pumping harder for the heart • Acceleration of coronary artery disease • Cardiac Ischemic events • Hypertension • Stroke • Peptic ulcer disease • Esophageae reflux • Slow speed of body healing process • High cholesterol mg/ml 8. mg/ml Low level Midrange level High level Extra-high level term Sources: Cigarettes flavours | Ecigarettes national |E-cigarette direct | Go | Quit Yesterday | WebMD Information provided by. LIFE insurance

The Truth About e-cigarettes

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