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The Truth About Alcoholism

The Truth About ALCOHOLISM Alcohol is the oldest and most widely used drug in the world. Millions of people consume alcohol each day – but when do you classify a person as addicted and what can it do to you when abused? IN THE US, 15 MILLION PEOPLE ARE DEFINITIONS OF ALCOHOL CURRENTLY AFFECTED BY ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE AND ABUSE: ABUSE OR DEPENDENCY. 2. DEPENDENCE diagnosed when you have withdrawals and are unsuccessful in controlling consumption. ABUSE ... is diagnosed by alcohol interfering in major obligations to family, work, or school and using alcohol in hazardous situations. 15,000,000 Dependents THE AVERAGE PERSON ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION CONSUMES 152 OUNCES OF ALCOHOL PER YEAR. IN THE US VARIES BY STATE. HIGHEST RATE OF ALCOHOL ABUSE That's about 13 beers. MOST HEAVY DRINKERS WISCONSIN WISCONSIN 7.4% of Population #1 Luxembourg: 526 oz. - #2 Ireland: 463 oz. UK: 397 oz. 11.32% of Population FEWEST HEAVY DRINKERS LOWEST RATE OF ALCOHOL ABUSE - France: 386 oz. Russia: 349 oz. - USA: 291 oz. Canada: 263 oz. - Japan: 256 oz. Iran: 0.0 oz.* - Saudia Arabia: 0.0 oz. * *alcohol is illegal WEST VIRGINIA UTAH NORTH CAROLINA Both States: 2.8% of Population The national average is 4.9% 5.97% of Populatlon The national average is 8% INCIDENCE OF ALCOHOL RELATED DEATHS BY LOCATION: Eastern Europe & Russia: 10 - 14% Far East: 5 - 10% Central & South America: 5 - 10% North America: 2 - 5% South Africa: 2-5% Middle Western East: 0-2% Europe: 0- 2% North Africa: 0-2% ALCOHOL IN COLLEGE: 25% of college students who drink cannot remember Every year 599,000 are unintentionally 6% of college students are considered alcohol dependent Injured while under the influence and ... where they were or what they did while drinkIng. 1700 DIE ??? ALCOHOL IS ESTIMATED TO HEAVY DRINKING REDUCES BRAIN CAUSE 20-30% OF CASES OF: CELL PRODUCTION IN THE HIPPOCAMPUS, THE AREA THAT Oesophageal cancer - Liver cancer - Cirrhosis of the liver - Homicide - Epllepsy PROVIDES THE SELF-CONTROL NECESSARY TO STOP DRINKING. However, after a perlod of one week of abstinence, new cell production begins agaln. - Motor vehlcle accidents ..and increase chances of: DAY 1 DAY 8 Throat cancer 700% Colon cancer 80% Lung cancer 50% High blood pressure 100% THE BELIEF THAT ALCOHOLISM IS IN SOME PART GENETICS HAS NEVER RATES OF ALCOHOLISM AND ALCOHOL-INDUCED DEATHS ARE MUCH HIGHER AMONG NATIVE BEEN PROVED OR DISPROVED. AMERICANS. DRINK WHEN PREGNANT: National Rate: Native American Rate: DIE FROM ALCOHOLISM: Studies have found, however, that among separated identical twins, the likelihood that both would become alcoholic was greater than that of separated non-identical National Rate: Native Amerlcan Rate: twins. TREATMENT FOR DEPENDENCY WHILE NO POSITIVE EFFECTS HAVE MAY INCLUDE A NUMBER OF PILLS. BEEN FOUND FOR ALCOHOLISM, STUDIES HAVE SHOWN NUMEROUS NALTREXONE DISULFIRAM HEALTH BENEFITS FROM MODERATE Blocks the euphoria from alcohol. Takes a more punishing route – when It's in the DRINKING: 35% lower heart disease rate 85% better resistance to the 21-28 % lower risk of death system and alcohol is common cold consumed, It produces nausea, vomting and headaches. hdp://wwww.wongdagnoels.comalacoholmvktsm .comoAORRSTA -ngied-to-highor-blood-presaurehim A ofacopeCechargpohoadstarem ma acpawhonthosaaocomoon proos.cmsnscocALLsandotor_scoct-AlcohoConsumptionantvoa_sooch-tocsang.ago-angsha htpwww esot r cdr.comt oholom 03dacion-toaments-and-diugs .commo2010terte/scorets-cloooro Inding-cure-for-dicoholam/13s66.himl women_sheah_nwhic.htm

The Truth About Alcoholism

shared by David on Mar 28
Youthful indulgences in alcohol oftentimes lead to more serious issues in life. Learn about the true consequences of drinking and alcohol abuse here, but also learn about its benefits, including a hug...


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