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Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

TREADMILL OUTDQOR Runningvs Running Which is better? Rain or shine, windy or snowy, anytime of the day, you căn hóp on and run oń yourtreadmill. The weather is your number one consideration. Although, wind resistance intensifies your run so, why not? Most treadmills have a one-touch inclinę features that allow effective cardio workout at a lower speed and it minimises the heel-strike impact. Running outside decreases chances of hip flexor strain but increases your heel-strike impact. Repetitive marathon run can strain the same muscles and joints everyday. Elements like hills, grass, steps, shifts the body movement so it creates variation on your run. You can watch over your kids/family and stay at the comfort of your own home. Dark, rocky or slippery routes can cause accidents. You cant zone out, you need to stay focused because the roads are busy and constantly changing. You can zone out. Recommended for warming up and speed enhancement The "consistency"sets your body to a different expectation when you actually race on the road. It gives you the actual feel of the race. It prepares your body to the same condítion ás to an actual race. While most runners wear just about the same pair of runners indoor or outdoor. Specialty shoes might be necešsary on some circumstances like rocky roads or icy trails. You çan wearthe same shoes everyday. Mostly targets your quads because you don't have to push forward having your foundation is moving by itself. Stimulates your hamstrings as well as your quads because you' have to push forward and propel to movė. Exposing your skin to the sunlight is the most natural way to get vitamin D, which helps absorbș calcium and phosphorus. The convenience of haying your bottle holder anytimě. Treadmills do cost a lot of money. The thought of that helps in motivating yourself to exercise so your money gets its worth. Running outside saves you money from actually buying a treadmill and the extră electricity cost itll yield. Since the treadmill is all about convenience, it gives you NO excuse at all to skip a session. Why should you buy something you can do for free? 48.17 million 45.67 million approximate number of treadmilI users in the U.S. according to the latest joggers/ runners in the U.S. according to the approximate no. of statistic of latest statistic of

Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

shared by janeydizon on Jun 13
I have categorised the criteria for comparison as to weather, injury, safety, competitive running, shoes, results, and benefits.



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