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Toxins in Your Office

TOXINS IN YOUR OFFICE Is your office silently making you sick? If you think your office is a clean, safe environment to work in, and the only toxins you encounter each day are your work colleagues, it might be time to think again... The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has seen complaints involving office toxins rise dramatically. 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 Sick building syndrome 10 1980 1991 2002 2013 is a situation in which building occupants experience year acute health problems that appear to be linked to time spent in a building. By preventing sick-building illnesses U.S. companies could save as $58 billion annually on sick days much as Biological contaminants . Chemical contaminants .... Inadequate from indoor or outdoor ventilation and Sources poor indoor air An additional $200 billion can be gained with employee performance quality improvements Beware of the Air You Breathe Toxins and their Sources • Office equipment like Photocopiers & electrostatic air cleaners are a source of Ozone • Building materials are the source of dust, fiber-glass, and formaldehyde • Workplace cleansers, disinfectants are the source of VOCS • Carpets, fabric, cushions are the source of dust mites, VOCS • Damp areas, stagnant water are the source of microbial contaminants, moulds & bacteria Office air contains 3-5 times higher concentrations of the PFC toxin fluorotelomer alcohol (FTOH) than those reported in household air. The level of chemicals in the air of an office accounts for 36% of PFC levels in the blood. A Different Kind of Virus on Your Computer The average desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl, and about 100 times more than Office surfaces with high levels of the average kitchen table. germ contamination 10 million bacteria per sq inch in the Office Desk 75 % 20,961 bacteria per sq of Break Room Sink Faucet Handles inch in Desktop Surface 48 % 25,127 bacteria per sq of Microwave Door Handles inch on Telephones 27 % ..... 3,295 bacteria per sq inch on PC Keyboards of Keyboards 26 % 1,676 bacteria per sq inch on PC Mouse of Refrigerator Door Handles 301 bacteria per sq inch 23 % on Fax Machine of Water Fountain Buttons 49 bacteria per sq inch on Office Toilet Seat Chemical Overload in Computers : Toxic Alert List of toxic components in computers Hexavalent Chromium Brominated flame-retardants on steel plates (BFRS) Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVCS) in copper cables and plastic computer casings Cadmium in computer batteries Lead & Cadmium in computer circuit boards Mercury in switches and flat panel screens Almost all brands of computer contain the chemical toxin Bromine to some extent Circuit Ribbon DELL acer Chips Boards Cables hp Internal acer Internal Coated Wiring Insulation Sheets SONY Plastic Connectors hp DELL DELL Keyboard Surrounds Touch Mouse Pads Fans acer Sick Workers 47% workers suffer from Blocked Nose The impact of a toxic office 46% workers suffer from Dry Throat It can take up to 7.2 years to get rid of some toxins accumulated in a human body. 43% workers suffer Short Term from Headache Effects 28% workers suffer from Itching Eyes Some possible Long Term Effects with prolonged exposure: 9% workers suffer from Difficulty in Breathing What You Can Do to Detoxify Your Office? Cancer • Go Green: Put plants around your desk to absorb toxins and clean the air Go for a Walk: Open windows and take regular Liver Damage breaks outside in the fresh air (but not in the car park surrounded by pollutants) Kidney Damage Cleanse Your Body: Go on a cleansing diet to help the body remove harmful toxins Chemical-Free Cleaning Products: Ask your cleaners to use natural, toxin-free cleaning products Genetic Changes and Wipe Clean: Use sanitizing wipes to clean your hands and equipment Birth Defects Clean the air: Ensure the HVAC units are well-maintained and cleaned regularly Memory Loss and Nervous System Failure Sources: toxins-found-in-air-fresheners.html kitchens-break-rooms-crawling-with-bacteria-germs Timeto Cleanse .com .......

Toxins in Your Office

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We spend a major part of our day at the office, and like with our homes, we mistakenly believe that our office space is safe for us to live in. But the truth is far from this assumption. This infograp...


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