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The Toxic Truth Behind Smoking in Cars With Children

The TOXIC TRUTH behind SMOKING IN CARS WITH CHILDREN British Lung Foundation Concentrations of smoke smoky pub 430,000 in a car children aged 11-15 are exposed to second-hand smoke in the family car each week Just one cigarette smoked in a car can create concentrations of smoke 11 times greater than the average smoky pub Passive smoking in children costs the NHS Second-hand smoke causes around ££23 million a year 840cot deaths a year 300,000 GP visits Second-hand smoke in children can increase the risk of illnesses such as asthma attacks common colds meningitis cot death result from second-hand smoke in children each year Safe level 35х Smoking in a car can create pollution levels 35 times greater than those deemed safe Level of pollution from smoking in a car by the World Health Organisation Australia Canada 80% Cyprus Countries in which a ban South Africa already exists on smoking in cars carrying children include: of cigarette smoke is invisible USA Cigarette smoke contains Will you 4,000 support the ban? 80% chemicals of adults 86% support the ban At70 of children support the ban cancer-causing chemicals including radioactive Polonium-201 Cittung Foundatien 2014. Registered dharity in England and Win (12 and in Scotand (Scesa75) arwek. Soure Bata ues fr aolence stutu Gmatea eeon nd a ি belce a ee, Aeplvingthese data to ofce for tenal Sudsto 212 hoodation Etimates ker Ceiend deta en the pvenli poouletion se fr chen aced 11-15. orovide the fores ef drehoa eed tosecond-hand aneie is thelr fey ars moot derand at iest once a we yardka 2. Itxunola ed pu et Send, feng eyand Ar egerinenta vertigen ebeme pellution ca, oe e, 0: aazas 3. EZRJ ia ( prinary care visits in UKand 1R5 hosital adnislos in U). Source RPreporti Pessive smoking and hildren Aport by the Tobacco Adviory Groug. Royal College of Physidans. 2010. P12-132 Mttp// 4.40 cet deaths a year. Source: RCP report Pessive smoking and children: Arepert by the lobacco Advisery Group. Rayal Colege of Pysidans, 2000. RI15 tp://ww.rplondonac.ak/sites/defeut/e/decuments/passve smoking-and-children.pd 5. Second-hand unoking in children can ircree the rhk of ree uch as anthma. Source RCPeport: Pate umciing and dchlidren: Araport by the Tabacca Advtary Croup. Royal Callage of Phydclans, 200. RI h//ww.plondon.acukuteydefutylen/documentypanttve-umoking-and-chdren.pdt 6.300k CPcorsultations. 165k sew egisodes ef diseese, 9.5 hospltaladmisslons every year csed by children's exposure to SHS. Souroe RPreport Pessive smeking and chidren Areport ly the Tobecce AdisoryGrop. Rayal College of Physidas. 201. P112 http//www.lendonAcakshesdeteut/iley/doounents passtve-smoktng-and-chidren.pdr Z.Over 80% of digarette snoke is ivisible. Saurce http/www.esourcesorg.cakessety/pySnokefeeCHeneend0Cars ASlelet pdt 2o12 ma/smoking and-ancer whats-ina-dgarette and NHO. M hoi/mediacen/Tactsheets/ /eny .4.000 chemicals, Dancer csing chenicals, Radioactive Pderium-201. Seurce h/ S.AOS of public (SEs of unokers) upgort a ban. Source ARGor urN, 2012 20. 6% of dildren swooorta ban. Source BLF/ INS survey of more than 1000 chidren aged -15, conducted 20-27 January 2011 IL Particulate matten: WO Gdelines PH2S: 10 g/m aual maan - 25 pg'ma 24-hour mean and PM10: 20 pg/ma annual mean- s0g/ma 24-hour mean. Source: Semple5, al Secondhand smoke in cars: aseing chidrer's potertaleposure during tyolal joumey condiden. Teb Control det:10.11yebaccocon- tra-201-05e. htta// Он

The Toxic Truth Behind Smoking in Cars With Children

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The facts about smoking in cars with children are outlined in this infographic from the British Lung Foundation. All facts are fully referenced.


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