Top Ten Weirdest Personal Injury Claims

TOP TEN WEIRDEST PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS Client Recieved: 1. Client in shared stables looking after her own horse when another £21,500 horse lunged forward from his stable and bit a chunk out of her lip. The horse that bit her was not looked developed a bad temperament through not being turned out and walked etc .. it was bored and kept in his stables all the time. Stockport. 2000. after properly and Client Recieved: 2. dysfunction following injury to his private area after he caught it on the petrol tank of his motorbike when it was in collision with a third party. Client suffered erectile £84,000 Bournemouth. 2005. Client Recieved: £120,000 3. A master baker broke both his wrists very badly in his RTA and carry heavy baking trays or mix his dough, so that he could make his dough! Basingstoke. 2004. Client Recieved: £10,000 4. A young girl bought a hot water bottle at the 99p store, only for the spout to come off when she was in bed, scalding her lap badly with the contents of the bottle. London. 2008. Client Recieved: £1,750 5. Client was trying clothes on in changing room when a security tag (which was not secured properly) became loose. The client impaled her big toe on the pin. Stockport. 2012. Client Recieved: £60,500 6. The client was travelling on motorway when a Learner Driver (who should not have been driving on the motorway) collided into client's car causing serious injuries. West Midlands. 2008. Client Recieved: 7. The client was driving his open top vehicle on a hot day and was stationary in a queue of traffic. A cement wagon pulled out of a building site and as it pulled out, spilt cement into the convertible and over the client. The Car was written off. £4,000 Kent. 2011. 8. Client was acting as a volunteer at Manchester Airport to meet athletes for some sports event in Manchester. When she went into Client Recieved: £6,000 one of the offices that was acting as a coffee room when she was in there she tripped over a door stop and injured her arm and leg. The door stop was the same colour as the carpet so you could not see it. Manchester. 2008. Client Recieved: 9. The client was a minor who had 4 teeth taken out by his dentist. The client had the same name as another patient and the surgery got the names mixed up and took the young lad's out by mistake when they were perfectly good £8,000 teeth. Stockport. 1999. Client Recieved: 10. A young girl got on a roundabout at a park. Her shoelace got caught on a nut/bolt which was protruding, and as a result suffered a closed fracture to her £7,000 leg as she went to get off. Manchester. 2006. Beardsells Personal Injury

Top Ten Weirdest Personal Injury Claims

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A collection of the weirdest personal injury claims from Beardsells Personal Injury




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