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Top Ten Superfoods

Top Ten Superfoods With these superheroes here to serve and protect your health, you've nothing to fear from bacteria, viruses or any other little nasties. Add these simple, natural remedies to your diet to boost your immune system and keep you fighting fit! Lemon Juice Fights cold and flus • Aids digestion • Potent antioxidant The secret magic of lemon juice lies in its ability to alkalise the body. Stress and a high sugar diet causes our body to become acidic, and infections and bad bacteria start to thrive. Alkalinising also has a host of benefits such as improving digestion and anti-ageing of the skin and other organs. A squeeze of lemon juice makes a great partner to wild caught salmon but you can also try adding it to shakes, smoothies or even your tea. Athalising Wild Caught Salmon Reduces inflammation & cholesterol • Improves brain function Unega 3 Omega 3 fatty acids are such versatile and important nutrients for our bodies, if we had to pick an all round super hero, they may well take the cape! Not only does omega 3 reduce inflammation cholesterol, it improves brain function, eases joint pain and increases longevity. This is one superfood you want on your team! and Nothing beats a simple pan fried salmon fillet teamed with some veggies and a slice of lemon. The best source of omega 3 fatty acids is the skin, so be sure not to throw away this important part of the fish. Pickles & Sauerkraut Boosts good gut bacteria • Strengthens immune system These fermented foods are fantastic sources of pre and probiotics, assisting the body to produce good gut bacteria and strengthen the immune system. A healthy gut and digestion means a strong and healthy immune system and so this winter, before you reach for the vitamin C, reach for the pickle jar! You will be amazed at what a difference these super foods will do to your overall health. PRobiotics Pickles make a great addition to sandwiches and salads, while sauer- kraut can be eaten both hot and cold or even made into a hearty soup. Serve with sour cream and paprika for the authentic experience! Raw Almonds Potent antioxidant • Fights infections • Heals dry skin Vetamin E The vitamin E in raw almonds heals from the inside out, star- ting at the cellular level. Fighting in- fections and pro- tecting dry skin is all in a day's work for this little hero. Roughly chopped raw almonds make a great addition to breakfast - or keep them on your desk at work to nibble on when cravings stri- ke. Nothing like a bit of multitasking! Garlic & Onions Boosts white blood cell count • Powerful antibacterial properties Let's not shy away from these potent superfoods! Not only do they pack a great punch of sulphur, another key nutrient for white blood cell formation, but garlic is actually the most powerful antibacterial agent known to man! Sdphur Shield yourself from nas- ties with a timely dose if you feel a cold coming on. You might think you'd rather have the sniffles than eat onions and garlic onions and garlic is a great way to reduce their odour pro- perties. Just chop roughly and add to pastas and stir fries. have bad breath, but cooking your Blueberries Boosts immune function • Improves cellular health Blueberries are the antioxidant kings of the food world, having the highest count of antioxidants compared to any other fruit or vegetable. The antioxidants in blueberries fight off "free radicals" which serve to damage or weaken your immune system. By ensuring you consume eno- ugh antioxidant rich foods, you are allowing your body to gobble these nasty cellular waste products up. kdioxidants The best thing about blueberries is that they can be enjoyed by the whole family due to their sweet and versatile nature. Be sure to add them to your oats, shakes or simply enjoy as a snack! Green Vegetables Fights cold and flus • Aids digestion Green vegetables are the no. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health. That's because leafy vege- tables are brimming with fibre along with vitamins, minerals, and plant-based substances that may help protect you from heart disease, diabetes, and perhaps even cancer. tkalising It can be difficult to eat the recommended amount of greens every day. Supergreens supplements contain concentrated amounts of organic barley, wheatgrass, spirulina and alfalfa and are quick and easy to prepare. Grass Fed Beef Boosts white blood cell count • Fights infection Ramp up your squadrons of infection fighting whi- te blood cells by giving them plenty of zinc and omega 3s. Eating lean, grass fed beef will give your little fighters everything they need to grow quickly and stay strong. Nothing beats the old fashioned comfort of a slow Sunday roast. Be sure to always buy grass fed organic beef as it is much richer in essential nutrients. Rosehip Tea Effective against colds • Bioflavonoids for an immune boost Rosehip tea is one of the most potent and concentrated forms of vitamin C, and also contains bioflavonoids. This double whammy of immune boosting nutri- ents is sure to keep you healthy! Vitamin C Try replacing your morning cuppa with a caffeine free start to the day - you'll be surprised how much better you feel in the long run! Rosehip tea's unique tangy flavour will have you hooked in no time. Brazil Nuts Potent antioxidant • Eliminates heavy metals • Fights infection Brazil nuts contain the richestsource of selenium of all nuts and legu- mes. Selenium strengthens cells that fight infection and cancer, but its real super power is binding to heavy metals and other toxins, drawing them out of your tissues and allowing you to excre- te them. You only need a few brazil nuts each day to get your recommended daily intake, so adding them to a handy snack mix with other nuts is a great way to go. Setenium Copyright Inner Cleansing Health Clinics 2014

Top Ten Superfoods

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These Top Ten Superfoods prevent illness and keep you in prime health. Click through to the interactive infographic.


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