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Top Oral Health Tips For Busy Moms This Mother’s Day

Mothers Day- Oral Health Tips For Busy Moms In today's world, people are busier than ever. Working moms with kids are hard pressed for time, which means that they can neglect the basics, including proper dental hygiene, for themselves and their kids. MAY 10 Dental health is a critical component of overall health. Follow these tips to work dental hygiene into your daily schedule. 8 Important Dental Health Tips for Busy Moms Drink lots of water. Keep a full pitcher of purified water in the fridge and water bottles in the car for easy access at home and on the go. #1 Кеер а toothpaste by the kitchen sink. Get in the habit of brushing teeth after meals right in the kitchen to make it more convenient. set of toothbrushes and #2 Keep travel toothbrushes and floss on hand. Pack a set of travel toothbrushes #3 and floss in your purse or in the car so that you can brush and floss on the go when time is tight. Make smart snack choices. Keep healthy snacks ready to eatsuch as washed and sliced fruit and vegetables and cubed cheese. Provide healthy options in the pantry as well such as whole wheat crackers and rice cakes. # 4 Use fluoride rinses. A nightly fluoride rinse strengthens teeth, reducing the risk of cavities. #5 Drink sugary beverages with a straw. When you do drink soda, use a straW so that the sugar does not have as much contact with the teeth. Wash water #6 mouth with your afterward. out Chew gum. Sugar free gum with the sugar substitute Xylitol kills bacteria in the mouth following meals. It also pulls food particles off of the teeth and promotes saliva flow to help neutralize acids. #7 Floss Regularly: We miss 35% of teeth surface un-cleaned if we don't floss. Be regular on your floss healthier teeth & gums. #8 habit for PDG Plaza Dental GROUP To Know More On Oral Health News & Tips, Visit Plaza Dental Group, Des Moines Dentist Today or read latest posts from Dr. Steffany Mohan Comfortable Dentistry " God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Hebrew Proverb Sources: powered by Piktochart I make information beautiful %23 %23 %23

Top Oral Health Tips For Busy Moms This Mother’s Day

shared by plazadental on May 17
When it comes to a mother’s oral hygiene routine, hormonal swings, morning sickness, and pregnancy cravings all play a role in the need for increased vigilance. Choosing healthy snacks, drinking lot...



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